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- Some missions now have random decisions that you must make as a commander. Decide well because success depends on your recruit's skills.

(This feature was meant to be placed on release, but I simply didn't have enough time...)
(All mission stories were brought to you by Acromatik (5ol). Huge thanks to him)
(Changes will be made when V.2 is uploaded by NG)

==== EDIT V.1====

- Loyalty is now much more forgiving.


Happy Pico Day!! (AND THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE FRONT PAGE!! <3 <3 <3)

NOTE: In old fashion, I'm alittle late to the party, submitting it hours after...But please do accept this game as an entry to Pico Day. Seriously have mercy...I've been working on it all night and skipped school twice to finish.

Anyways, NG's Finest is a "sandboxy" military sim. Train Pico, Darnell and Nene into the best warriors they can be and create a pretty little base. You're the commander, you're in control...most of the time.

HUGE THANKS to Acromatik. Never could've done it without you man.
HUGE THANKS for fricken Newgrounds. Just because this place is simply awesome <3


this game...

is beyond awsome!!!!!


Graphically very nice, but not much to do in the game. Most of the time is spent building up loyalty (losing 1 per day, and being only able to get, in my playing, only up to 5 is a real bummer).

Probably i'm asking too much, but mission-minigames?

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More downs than ups. :/

Great game concept and I like the design. Easy to get addicted to this game.
But there are some things that need to fixed.
1. Save!- Yeah, I played this for about a half hour before I had to go and I realized I wasted 30 minutes on this.
2. Loyalty - Not so forgiving after all. I found my self only disiplining them, and then resting them while loyalty goes down. And of course I couldn't do any missions because they wouldn't train for them. All in all, the loyalty just fucks things up all around.
3. Ending - Needs one. Or at least a main objective. I don't want to play everquest.
4. Missions - I don't have enough control over the outcome of the missions. They should be a little more interactive. Add a few platformer levels. :)
5. Voices - Let Johnny Utah do the voices if you really need 'em.

So, in short, It's a good game, but it has some really fatal flaws in it that you should fix.

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Sigh * ...

Well , The overall animations is pretty good but the game is nothing intresting . What I'm saying now is . You should make some action scene when Pico , Darnell and NeNe fighting for us ? Further more , this is the worst issue " CAN'T SAVE THE GAME" . There's no save button and you should add one into it . Maybe when we're facing problems and need to off the computer and there's no safe button . We've no choice but to off it and play it over again . This is pissing people off and you'll get less players . Because of this issue , you've losse alot of scores and people that supports you . People will get boring after a few minutes because there's nothing but training 3 of your characters and day after day your repeating the same thing . Who won't get bored ? What the heck is the ranks for , it's pretty useless and it doesn't effect the entire game at all . Maybe you should add some medals too ? It'll make the game more intresting and people will easily get addict to it .

A Great Base...

The game was wonderfully planned, with a great system, and I love your animation style. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, to the anime fan inside me, your cuter-than-average Pico and crew made me happy.

But now for the downside. No save, but no biggie. I usually power game or minimize windows in the event of no save, so that wasn't my huge issue.

My real true issue is that the game has no end or story. If you took this system, added some animated scenes, and some mandatory missions that brought the NG Elites to becoming "Newground's Finest" then this game would be prime. I'd even recommend a final battle with the uberkids, or other Pico/Newgrounds related characters.

I give you an 8 for the way it was executed and that 8 is a very high ranking for a game with such little substance, but I truly loved the battle system you've created with this game, and moreso I love your animation.

Hope this helps you with your future game-making ideas, and don't get discouraged because other people point out your game's flaws with such tenacity. You were on to something, but it just took a turn in the wrong direction.

I would love to see more Pico games with an RPG or strategy style to them.

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May 1, 2009
8:16 AM EDT
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