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There Was This One Time

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This was the student film for my 2nd Year Animation Class at the School of Visual Arts. Our assignment was to design, produce and animate a fully complete film at least two minutes in length. The production for this cartoon began at the start of the school year in September 2008 and finished several weeks ago. The concept was simply, "So, there was this one time...when a bat, a rhino, a ferret and an old man all got together and played a card game."

Thanks very much to my voice cast and co-writers that made this film what it was in the first place...and thanks to Celia Bullwinkle, Mike Ruocco and everyone in my Animation Workshop that helped support and give feedback while the cartoon was being worked on. Enjoy the show :]



are those voices kaiser neko, takahata101, and lanipator?

Not Bad Chris

The humor was the same as from what i expect from you and the art is good too, keep you the work

It was decent.

Here's my long review or whatever:

As far as the character designs go, I'd say they were decent. My favorite character, visually anyway, was the bat. I really liked the way his suit changed into his wings. My least favorite would have to be the rhino, the shoulder pad things he had on made him look too much like Nappa, which was kind of distracting for some reason.

I really liked the animtion. It was very smooth and pretty well thought out. I especially liked some of the more subtle animation you did with the bat character.

The backgrounds were pretty boring. I know that the group is playing cards in a dimly lit room, but I think it would have been much better to actually see dark walls and objects in the background rather than just a gradient. Also, most the shots were mid-range to closeup with mainly front and side view angles, which can be kind of dull if used too many times. They can be good for some things, but not good for everything. For instance, when the three get locked in the cage; Showing the bars closing on them with the mid-range view was good, but afterwords, when you showed the whole cage, it would have been better if it was from farther away and maybe at a different angle.

The music was well composed and set the mood perfectly.

The voice acting was excellent for the most part, and even though I personally found some of the voices annoying, the lines were delivered very well and the voices matched well with the characters. However, I really didn't like the old man's laugh. It was the one thing that sounded fake to me and it kind of ruined the moment for me. My favorite voice was the rhino's. The reason being he sounds just like Nappa from Dbz abridged, who is one of the funniest characters.

There's not much to say about the story since it was pretty random. I felt it was kind of boring. Nothing really interesting happened up until the old man locked them in the cage, which was near the end.

As far as the humor goes, I didn't really laugh at anything, but that's just how I am. Very few things make me laugh when I watch them alone. I guess I just have a bad sense of humor or something.

Overall I think it had good quality, voices, and animation, but the story was pretty lacking and it was missing charm. I give it a 6/10.

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Yeah, i liked it too. The rhino's stupidity, the bat's arrogance. It was swell.

pretty funny...

can someone say DBZ Abridged Parody *cough*cough*
Rhino=Nappa , Squirrel=Krillin
...Regardless, it was still very good. Great humor and animation!

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4.33 / 5.00

May 1, 2009
12:14 AM EDT
Comedy - Original