Dad 'n Me: Beginnings

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February 1st, the day that the Shape 'n Shape Collab was submitted for a second time. I can't say I was happy with the outcome at first, but you know what, collabs are about working with others and having fun. That one was short, but I couldn't stay mad at anybody. We also got some great feedback. Even Mindchamber wants us dead. Hehehe...

Well, here we are on good old Pico Day. I decided to make something this year, and still can't beleive I made a three minute movie in 12 days. BUT, I have spent at least a good 50 hours working on this. Nonetheless, I handled this movie with care and really love the outcome. I hope you will too to some extent. If you have any problems watching the movie, please tell me.

This is a small story of events in the life of Chainsaw the Children's (Dad) son's life. I think it's pretty enjoyable. A simple comedy, but I have to warn you, the art is pretty shitty.



Edit 1: Finally! I got the Flash Ads working. Some minor trouble there, never used it before. That dickhead JohhnyUtah told me that I didn't have to add that 4-digit code.

Runtime: Three minutes, two seconds (not counting credits)
5348 total frames
Flash Ads online and working

Edit 2: It got in the collection? Alright. I know that most non-spam submission for hte occasion will get in anyway, but now plenty of people will be seeing this movie. Awesome.


This time I'll do a serious review.

It's the second time I haven't really just put "lol" and given it a 10. I feel I should do a good review for this movie, because I enjoyed it a lot.

This really wasn't that amazing, but the story was flawless, unless that first part wasn't a sex scene. (???) It was nice to see how it all started, even though it wasn't official, but I'm sure people will love the fact that they don't actually have to think about it.

Believe it or not, I saw a certain charm to this flash. A story of a son becoming just like his dad, and bonding in the process. (Wow... like a REAL movie... in flash form!!!) It was kind of cute in the parts where the dad and son were hugging, or how the dad patted the son's head as if to say, "Dat's my boy!"

It was funny how a dad can shed a tear of joy at the fact that his son is mercilessly beating other children, just like how he shouldn't be teaching him how to. I'll only take off points for animation that wasn't as good as it could have been.


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Gustavos responds:

Glad you liked it, and pressed the wrong amount of stars.

Now that I look back at it, this movie does have that cutesy feel that you want to see, while it involves modest comedy mainly through visual jokes.


it's the thought that counts really

no matter how poorly draw this movie is..... i love the concept enough to favorite it.


that was totally awesome man rofltastic


the concepts cool
but the animation is not the best i've seen

is cute

the violence the baby is cool

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3.87 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2009
5:41 PM EDT
Comedy - Original