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Game & Watch: God of War

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I wasn't originally planning to make more than one of these Game & Watch conversions, but due to the resoundingly positive feedback I got for my last project (Game & Watch: Dodgeman), as well as multiple requests to "make more!" I decided to do just that! :)

This time, I modelled it after the classic G&W game, Vermin (I had a specific request for that one), but instead of the original hammers and moles, this version has Blades of Chaos and minotaurs!

Game above, instructions below.. enjoy!

P.S. Happy Birthday/Pico Day Tom! If I'd had more foresight, I would've made a Game & Watch: Pico.. well who knows, maybe I still will! ;)

MAY 1, 2009: w00t! Front page!!! Thanks Tom! :)

MAY 3, 2009: Glitch was found by commenter (5th minotaur never generates) and has been corrected, new version is live! This also removes the ability to cheat by holding down the left and right arrow keys.

MAY 4, 2009: Glitch where game would sometimes freeze when first starting and only left button be clickable has been eliminated.


The goal of the game is to stop the attacking minotaurs from crossing the line. To do this, you have to line up your blades with their heads (watch the demo/clock screen for examples). Kratos attacks automatically. If 3 get by it's game over, so watch out!

You accumulate one point every time you cut down a minotaur.


From the demo/clock screen, click either the "Game A" or "Game B" to start a game! Game A is for novices, while Game B provides more of a challenge to seasoned players.

The "Sound" button will toggle the sound on/off. This can only be done from the demo/clock screen, and is indicated by a speaker icon which appears beside the time display. If the speaker is on, the sound is on.

If you have already racked up some scores from previous sessions, you can press the "Submit Scores" button to send your scores to our online hiscore lists. (You'll have to enter your name and then click the big Submit button at the bottom of this screen.) These lists can be viewed by clicking the "View Scores" button. Don't worry, the hiscore pages will open in new browser windows/tabs, one for Game A and one for Game B.

Note: You can view your current hiscores on the demo/clock screen, they will rotate between your Game A hiscore and your Game B hiscore every 2 seconds.

In game, press left/right to move Kratos (you can use the on-screen buttons or the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard). Clicking the "Time" button will take you back to the demo/clock screen.

As a bonus, if you hit the "Video" button from the demo/clock screen, you can watch a teaser trailer for a certain upcoming game! ;)

- Walz Music - If you like the music in the video, check out the composer's site for more:
http://www.walzmusic.com and his midi compositions at http://www.midishack.net
- hitm4n, for hosting this on his fantastic site, Handheld Remakes! (http://handheld.remakes.
- You, for playing! :)

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Did god created this game?

Love it :D

mmmmmm that game is a littlel... how to say it BORING and POOP sorry

Okay personaly i like g&w but this was a nice mixup (And if u move really fast it plays it self) What i dont get is why people are posting bad reviews can they not read? A monkey could figure out how to play it. Can you people not take value from such a game? Oh and @Xterriorate124:games like this were invented a long time ago and are still used today as you previously stated. however how do you know they come from mds do you get kids meals? hehe

Great Classic :)

This game is cool! I want to see Kratos in a game which is similar to Super Mario :)

Holmfry responds:

Your wish is our command!

Check out our game Bit of War, which we've been working on for quite some time as a side project :) Releases on March 16th!