Pico's space adventure

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Pico goes on adventure in space. I hope you enjoy it! :3

Oh and happy birthday Tom, and happy pico day everybody :3



This would have been better, but I don't do drugs.

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That was pretty cool, music and exploring

I think that was pretty cool, hearing the music and seeing him explore space.

I don't know if anyone picked this up, but did this clip remind anyone of the movie Legend (from 1985)?

Original--possibly another concept?

I haven't been on NG for a while...if most of you can tell...but, I never realized the concept of Pico Day--asides from it being Tom's birthday, so I thank Xalyx's explanations through his reviews. I'm understanding it little by little.
At first I had no idea what that yellow form was (it looked like an embryo) but then it shaped out into a dog-like creature. That's something new--I've never seen Pico with a dog before.
When Pico steals the diamond without any hesitation or trouble (without a fight) I thought; "classic Pico" but really any attribute except his looks are classic and this pleased me.
Here's something I would to inquire:

The triangle with the eye in it is the sign of the Freemasons, correct?
If it is, I believe that very well the concept of the Freemasions fits the description of Pico Day; justice, equality (mainly equality).

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So artistic you forget it's for Pico Day.

I actually really enjoyed Pico's space adventure. Before any of you watch, you will probably not even understand how it relates to Pico besides the fact that there is an alien starring that looks like Pico. This is truly an insanely different and random flash with hypnotizing drone music and an, you guessed it, adventure in space. I wish there were more to it but this is truly a flash where what you see is what you get. Interesting, beautiful, mesmerizing, random, and..odd. Fits together nicely, don't you think?

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What the fuuck did i just watch......

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Apr 30, 2009
5:02 AM EDT
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