Picos Popcorn at the Park

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Happy Pico Day/Tom's birthday.

Watch. Vote. Review. Repeat.

You know the drill.

Update: I should of put this in last night when i submitted it, but I was ubber tired. Anyways, I wanted to do a Pico day movie with out all the blood and gusts but still keep the feeling of Pico. So No blood here guys... just cartoon violence.


A different kind of Pico

It's nice to see a Pico related video that isn't all blood and guts, yet still captures the feel of childhood violence!
I especially like how the characters are accommodating your style, rather than the other way around. Pico and the gang are represented very well and the tissue paper filter applied to the background gave this flash movie an interesting and artistic touch. , and the music fit perfectly.
Some of the animations were a tad awkward, but really, this has been my favorite Pico movie of 2009 so far!

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Pretty entertaining.

I like the technique you use to animate your characters, I get a cartoony feeling whenever I see them. I thought the flash has a clever storyline, it was interesting to see a Pico Day cartoon without all of the blood. The animation was very good and te music fit the flash perfectly. I thought the look Pico had on his face when he had the hammer was hilarious. Keep up the great work!

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reminds me of bugs bunny. very nice work man!

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Ahaha :D

I didn't really like it, sorry.

The animation IS very laggy and choppy, and I don't like the feeling of it and I don't like the music or the sounds. But the art is great and it reminds me of Timmy Turner-styled cartoons like Dexters lab and stuff. But I still don't like it :/ sorry.

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3.91 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2009
1:22 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody