Chuck Breaks Pico-Day

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EDIT: Holy crap, my movie made it onto the Pico-day 09 collection?! This is probably the biggest honor I could ever hope to get with this crappy Flash. I'd like to thank Tom Fulp and everyone else who runs this awesome site, Happy Pico-Day!

Now a word from the authors,

JJ: This is a short two minute flash movie that's more about the creation of a Pico movie, rather than an actual movie about Pico. It was made in a rushful 6 days, but came out decent I'd say. Please enjoy the bonus clips at the end and sorry for my terrible voice quality, Happy Pico-Day! PS - NO ADS!!! PPS - I'd also like to thank the Radical One for giving me many tips on Flash and drawing characters.

Dreg: Failure...

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Solid flash. If you could just work on drawing your own backgrounds, you might actually go places.


Uhm, the animations scared me, but it's kinda awkward how both of the people making animations both epiclly phailed. It was okay I suppose.

The dude on the computer almost made me puke, and he scared the crap outta me. And i noticed teh Micky Mouse gloves he was wearing too, lol.

it was sorta nice.

The story was cool an all, but the volume for this had to be real high an the audio was a little crackly. Though it was funny cause through the movie i thought it looked as though it was made in a rush, and that's what Chuck was tryin to get away with too! Nice i still liked it :)

TheBrothersFreep responds:

This is my favorite review so far, and you completely nailed everything that I was going for. I'll try to get some better sound quality next time though.

Thanks for the review!

not that bad

it was decent the voices wernt so bad atleast i can understand what your saying and the over all story line was funy you just did have egnough behind your voice at the endwhen you found out about the breaking ngs it sounded like some one had just told you it was wensday not much emotion in the voice.

TheBrothersFreep responds:

Ha, yeah I agree that I sounded pretty underwelmed. But thanks for not calling my Voice Acting completely terrible, or "rubbish" as that word seems pretty popular nowadays.

Thanks for your review!


i didnt like it the voice acting was rubbish and it has rubbish animation

TheBrothersFreep responds:

Fair enough, I'm actually surpised at the review score you gave me after reading the review itself. You must of thought it was at least decent then, eh?

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4.25 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2009
12:46 AM EDT
Comedy - Original