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Colors in the Sky

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Hey newgrounds! I got tired of seeing hundreds of collapse-clone puzzle games all over the internet that had nothing new to offer us, so I thought I would make one with a couple new features. I hope you like puzzle games because it took about a month to make! Don't forget to write a review!

In this puzzle game, you click the objects to make them explode. Explosions will be colored according to the object, and will trigger nearby objects to explode as well. The game consists of four types of objects: blocks, bombs, lasers, and nukes. Each of which is used in a different way.

The object of the game is to create large chain reactions of explosions and clear away the levels as quickly as you can. You must continue to get large combos to keep your combo meter up, because when the combo meter drops to zero the game is over.

During the game, all objects on the stage will stay still while you are deciding your next move, but once you have destroyed several blocks, the objects will begin to move toward the gravity point located somewhere on the stage. The gravity point will continue to pull the blocks until they are all settled, and then you can make another move. The gravity point will change locations every level so pay attention!

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Great renovation. Very Addictive.


Nice redesign of a known and chewed out concept.


Nice & easy puzzle game

Love this game...

It got me into addiction as I love these games though. Cheers :)