Vector Defender.

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Thanks for the feedback, I've made the game a little easier and you now get power ups when you shoot the satellites. PLEASE let me know of any bugs you find!

Defend the 10 planets from the invading vectors with your base gun.

You WILL unlock planets as you successfully defend each one.

Use the mouse to aim, click and hold the mouse button to build power, then release to fire.

Red blockers on later levels cannot be destroyed

Destroy passing satelites that fly across the screen to gain new weapons.

Rebound your bullets of multiple enemies for greater scores.


Give this a chance!

I think this is one of the better games that you have made, because it tries to be different than what you usually do. I was interested simply when you show all those crazy vector planets. I like how you can get more points by hitting more things with one ball. The designs are interesting and especially the diversity of the enemies. It seems like a good example of what you can do when you try something different. Even the little effects with the blastings and the guys falling down is cool.

awesome game

i really like this game

not bad

some issues though.

I think that permanent upgrades would help, since your cannon just can't shoot fast enough in the later levels.

It's also pretty difficult to rebound the bullets from enemy to enemy. Make some solid walls to help with that.


It's good but for shoot is a little complicated, but is good game.

Nice game...

Just that when holding down for power and shooting, there's a lag in between and by then, the protected planet may have been invaded by the colored objects though. Cheers :)

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3.24 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2009
8:01 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed