5 Min. to Kill (Yourself)

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Heya --

This is our game Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself). You control Stan as he tries to off himself using tools around the office so he doesn't have to endure another meeting. Movement is controlled with the arrow keys (you may wanna tilt your keyboard to the right) -- up is left, right is up, left is down, and down is right. Push the space bar to talk to people and activate obstacles. Push "M" to see a map and the current count of your health.

We fund independent flash game projects like Five Minutes (originally developed by Ham in the Fridge). For more information, email us at games@adultswim.com. Or visit http://tinyurl.com/7nl82b



i like this game cuz i feel as if im good at it. i scored a 54 second death. it has a funny ending where if u wanna replay, god sends u back and then you try to commit suicide again

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Wow! That was so a funny game!!! Good Job and i hop you gonna make another good game like this!

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Hello Adult Swim!

I'm not really the biggest Adult Swim fan, but it's great that there's a profile right here on Newgrounds with its games! I loved this game, even though when I first played it, I wasn't really interested. I had no idea trying to kill yourself could be so much fun! It turned out to be a great game! Also nice to see something different, in that most games have you try to survive.

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I died in just

2 mins 3 secs


Nice idea, game to kill yourself ;P

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Apr 28, 2009
1:51 PM EDT
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