The Street Fighter Collab

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Street Fighter: Flash Collab

20+ artists get together to pay homage to one of the best game series of our time!

BTW, we're sorry this is late and if you're still angry about it, just think of that scene in Tango and Cash where Tango stops that truck with like two bullets and the driver flies out of the windshield and how exhilarating that was. I feel better already!

did somebody say EASTER EGGS?


the hell was that?!

a 10, for creativity.

...that is all.

Let Me Spell It Out....What.The.Fuck

it was soo ass that i couldnt even get mad.....wtf is this? yu noob

So... do you enjoy being a douche bag?

You actually stole author comments from both the SF collab and the MGS collab. Just go walk in front of a bus you fuckin' poser.

I'd say it was alright

I'm just gonna put it 10/10 because of the chicks in this


Y'know, you're SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny, What a masterpiece you made here, mixing a whole bunch of popular anime/video game media with a whole bunch of dicks & tits. GENIUS. You should be forever inscribed in all of the history books for making the best video EVER.

...Congratulations. You get sarcasm and ZERO stars from yours truly, and thanks for giving us this amazing piece of CRAP to rag on.

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Apr 28, 2009
1:26 PM EDT