Block Smasher Plus

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If you like classic games with the new look, that would be a game for you.
The gameplay is quite fast and therefore really challenging!
Fresh graphic approach and interesting bonus system will keep you playing.
Steer the platform to smash all the blocks with the ball.
This is the new expanded version of our classic, loaded with new fascinating levels.



great game,i liked the design..also very addictive...and the timer adds some challenge to it...good :D

Nice game...

It gets me addicted though. Good work dude :)


Very good flash indeed.

My main concern was the difficulty in controlling the direction of the ball, i've played alot of these type of games and I must say this was the most difficult when it came to that aspect.

Other than that, brilliant presentation and labels very clearly displayed, along with the vibrant colours and fun theme, it makes it a game everyone must try at some point.

Bitchy rules

This game was very nice and, though classic, has some originality to it through adventure mode.
But I though some of the rules about adventure mode were a dit tough, especially when you're out of luck. For instance, slow balls should be a power-up you have to catch before it becomes active. A screen spammed with slow down eats away at your time limit and there's nothing you can do about it. Also this should be the case with other ball altering powerups. An explosive ball or especially a fireball makes it really hard to get through the stars level cause it instantly destroys any star in a block. There should be a way to avoid it. So the ability to dodge power-ups would be really welcome.
Another suggestion is to fully alter objects in the house, also the paddle and the blocks. Not really a bad thing here, but it is a suggestion I could come up with.

Despites this, the game was high quality and relatively fun to play with.


Good "arkanoid" game

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3.54 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2009
7:18 AM EDT
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