Abraham's Rock - Part I

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The third entry in the Tales of Horror series.
These recent Somali pirate attacks left me thinking about modern piracy and ghost stories. I decided to write a story about a similar scenario in a place like America. A young robber from Boston is on his way to New Hampshire to visit his robber friend, but is forced to make a stop in a deserted town only to realize what legacy it holds only two miles away from shore. The pirate, William Josey Abraham is modeled after Bluebeard and Frank Booth of Blue Velvet.
-Author's Note
Sadly, this entry in the series had to get cut in half into two parts. I really didn't want to cut any of my flashes into two parts but I was really left without a choice in this matter. I had reached my frame limit with this flash so it loos like I'm going to have to submit the flash into two parts. Nonetheless, that means Part II is on the way very soon. I've already begun work on it and will be working on it feverishly to get it done once this is uploaded.
Update: Ive fixed the rock to look more like a rock.
I do hope you all enjoy...



This is a great flash! Like your other movies I like the dark and sad atmosphere... great work! Wait the sequel!

You're on your way!

I'm trying to give constructive criticism, but you might not agree that it's all contsructive.
Anyway, I'm sure you're aware that you still have "room to grow" with the animation. In many cases it's not that important to have great animation, but when I saw Abraham's rock out the window I thought to myself "Wow, that's a big shoe." Especially considering that it was a still picture, there's no reason not to draw the island well.
Also, some of the parts were too slow. Slow is great for creepy but not for scenes when an angry mob is killing people. Those scenes should be really dramatic with lots of close-ups (close ups are easy to draw also, yay!).
But as the summary says, you're getting there! Keep working on flash, I know you'll get good at this if you keep trying.

very well done

the dark atmosphere and amazing story make up for the animation, if anything the animation adds to the horror.

Hey, this movie isn't half bad.

Looks like you've got a pretty good start on the series there. The storyline's pretty good, the music's decent, and the whole mood of the movie elicits quite a bit of an atmosphere.

I would like to point out a few things, however. For one, if the movie's this long, you might want to learn how to make a "scene select" option. People like me who have short attention spans are probably not going to watch the whole movie in one sitting. (I actually was not able to. Sorry!)

Also, if there's a way that you can prevent the gunfire from interrupting the music, do it. In the scenes that I did see, the music would completely cut out whenever one of the characters fired a gun, and then it would resume playing after the shooting was done. This disrupts the atmosphere of the movie quite a bit.

Speaking of the gunfire, there seemed to be a bit of an odd buzzing noise right before every shot. That tends to get in the way as well, so if you can either get rid of that or find a different gunshot sound that works, please do so.

Other than what I had mentioned, I can't really think of much else to say. You do have a lot of potential, however, and with enough effort, you could probably land on the front page. =)


This was good. i enjoyed the read but the words went by a little fast. give the reader a chance to enjoy the story a little more. animation could do with some beefing up.
still awesome.

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Apr 27, 2009
9:02 PM EDT
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