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Hoppity's Life

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Hiya NG.
Hoppity's Life is the eighth episode of the series. You'll find in this version; reworked graphics, different enemies, different allies and the brand new health bar. Instead of dying simply by touching an enemy, you have the opportunity to continue the adventure as long as your health meter don't empty itself. Because this is the health bar first try in this game, feedback is greatly appreciated.
I'm currently working on a ninth (yeah..) version of it, with a scrolling background, bigger levels and a walking dude instead of a running face. It won't be ready tomorrow, that's for sure. Anyway, enjoy the game !

Controls are as shown in the How To page of the game :
Left and right arrow - Move left and right.
Spacebar - Jump.

Reach the flag at the end of each level. Good luck and have fun !


Pretty swell.

This game isn't bad at all. As a matter of fact, I'd have to say it's quite good, but it could stand for a few improvements. As previous reviewers have mentioned, the addition of health packs, lives, and sound effects would be beneficial, but I have another idea. Three difficulty modes.

Wimp: 5 lives, lots of health.

Normal: 3 lives, some health.

L337: What you've got here, except a smaller health bar.

Thanks for your time!

And don't worry about implementing my suggestion... I just like to get it out into the air.

FairPlay responds:

Don't worry, it's an excellent suggestion !
It's just that...I don't have that much spare time until my final exams are over.
I'll work on a better version of it this summer.. I guess !
I hope you enjoyed your time playing the game !
Have a nice day and thank you again !


I like this game because its about timing and accuracy.
also, the music was awesome!

FairPlay responds:

Thanks for the sweet review jamesbondman, glad you enjoyed the game ! Have a nice day !

i like

I liked it but it could use health packs, a tad bit more sounds, and lives lol, i hate resetting back to the beginning =P it was pretty decent =)

FairPlay responds:

Thanks for the idea man, I look forward to use it in the next version !
Have a nice day !

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4.26 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2009
7:42 PM EDT
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