Reincarnation: ROA

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Yo peeps.

I'm pretty excited to finally get this on newgrounds. I had it up on my sponsors site for a week now and it gives me great joy to finally release it here. It's probably a good thing it was up for a week there, because I got a lot of good feedback.

Ya'll notice at one point in the game there is a maze. I've put a button in at this point to skip the maze but I would at least recommend attempting it first before using the button.


Thanks for the front page and all the awards guys. Working on the 3rd one right now and hopefully gte that to ya in a couple of months. I'm not sure why some of you guys are gettign a black screen. You may have to update flash or try a different browser. The code for this game isn't that advanced where it wouldn't load or anything.


Only one thing to say...


It's awesome! Just too short.


was that guy going to poop on riley

Great as Usual

Once again, you have made a very entertaining and very well done puzzle game with a good original concept definitely worth a 10. The art and animation was once again well done as the graphics are very good to look at, cartoonish and so unfitting of killing that it makes the graphics quite fun to look at and couple that with the smooth animation, makes this game very good to both play and look at. For the gameplay, I really like the fact that you don't have any way to use the Tab button to find clickables since that makes the game more frustrating but rewarding with the small puzzles you put in each room which, though sometimes a little unimaginative, are actually quite fun to watch when things fall into place (I laughed at the classroom puzzle, you should really do more of those). The voice acting was once again superb, particularly the demon though you could tone down his 'Evil' after tone a little since it grates a little at some points, but otherwise the voices for the reincarnies and of course Luke/Lucifer were pretty well done and good recording system, I suggest you keep using it.

Now, for the bad parts of this flash which comes to this point: there are little to no hints as to what you are supposed to do (as seen in the first level where the electric eel is only observable with no hint as to what to do with it), some of them are way too short and could use some more creativity and length(first level again, I know it's supposed to be just the first puzzle but it was really too short) and some of them prove to be way to specific to the point wherein it would be better to not have the clickable mouse icon on them when they don't do anything yet (the lockers) which made some of the puzzles unnecessarily annoying. You could of course improve on some of these with some better coding, fewer clickables involving the puzzles but more distractions to keep you thinking of what is going to send this guy back into Hell, and of course some more items and interesting combination to work with. I know most of these are difficult and up to a point unreasonable, but could you please try?

For the question you put up: yes, yes I would love a third game. I'd like more puzzles as mentioned above, an inventory system, more areas to explore, less one page puzzles, more items to manipulate, and more reincarnies to kill and send back to hell in either a Circus (if you make it, could it be a Sugar Apocalypse land where everything is for stereotypical kids who "love" the overly kiddy themes?) or a Voodoo Town (if you make it a Voodoo town, I'd like to see some humorous and illogical rituals and funny looking Shamans with some stupid-funny quotes like this idea I have for a Shaman that helps the Demon (unwittingly) has the line "Damn man, can't you see I'm trying to sacrifice this chicken?" where the Demon replies "You're trying to sacrifice a frozen one that obviously came from the supermarket? I don't think your deities will be very pleased that you were cheap." and other conversations I am very sure you could turn into pure gold) for the third game.

Overall, you did a great job with this, though it did however have it's flaws, it is still great and I hope the third will be better and please, keep it in a couple of months in development for fine-tuning and improvements, since a better third is better than a rushed one.

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lol really gr8 work

i got stuck in the first room and couldnt find the key... I MUST BE DUMB based on the score this has in both reviews and grade. The reason im giving 10/10 is the walkthrough helped me out alot and i eventually made it through the game. The game is definately the most interactive ive played in flash and i imagine the level of code you had to use was exceptionally high. stupendous work and a really addictive game. well done, gonna go play some more of your games... if there are any i havent checked yet.. so fingers crossed there are!

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Apr 27, 2009
9:58 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click
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