A Space Bear Adventure

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This is a game that I have been working on for an integrated project. I am a first year student at Sheffield Hallam university studying Games Design. I have been learning and experimenting with action script here as well as animation techniques in Adobe Flash. I wanted to create an enjoyable game to play. There are of course aspects of the game that could be improved as I have only really been experimenting here. The main idea behind the game is that you assume the role of Dusty the bear who has unfortunately had to crash land on the moon. He becomes surrounded by alien creatures in this area and in order for him to escape he must collect as many power orbs as possible to provide enough energy to power his space rocket back up. You will need to avoid or destory the enemies that you are confronted with whilst collecting as many power orbs as possible. There is a time limit so you need to be as quick as you can! I hope you enjoy this:)


Ok, here it goes.

Now about the game play, hard. I've jumped at the last posible moment and I still land on the single alien. Also the space between the aliens are so hard, that you'll hit three at a time.

Now the concept, not bad. I've seen better ones, but also worse so don't beat yourself over it.

I gave you a very low score because of this, if the game play isn't good, who cares about the concept.

Nice Concept, yet outdated techniques

I didn't rate this too high, for there are several things about this game that don't seem to actually fit the genre. But I'll start off with the things I liked. You had a very good concept actually. The whole bear on moon and aliens thing is pretty funny. But that's about the only good thing there is to say, actually.

First thing I missed was a preloader. Given, your game is probably not among the huge file sized ones, still. Adding a preloader to your projects has become quite common. Second, the framerate. 12FPS has been abandoned a long time ago, set your framerate to 24+ to achieve fluid animations and a better gamestream. The Intro was incredibly boring, lacking of sound or music (as the whole game is). How about a short movie with the bear in his rocket crashing on the moon, getting surrounded by aliens? I mentioned the lack of sounds already, but there's more to come. I think you put the most of your work in the drawings and animations. I'm not a too good drawer myself, but I think you could have done a little better. Only a small minus though. What was really disturbing was the jumping function. A few more variables concerning the y velocities could have created a very good jumping effect that actually seems somewhat real. You're just putting the bear in the air though, which also gets very disturbing when you meet some aliens in their UFOs. And last but not least, you could have killed the timer, or at least make power ups give you more time.

All in all, this wasn't too exciting I guess. Concerning the fact that you're only starting off though, I guess you've tried your best. And that's what creating flash games is all about. It doesn't matter wether you're a good artist or scripter, as long as you keep trying, you can manage to improve this project and your future ones.

Good luck on your way!

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the werid jumping makes it impossible to win

Power orbs?

after playing the game a couple of times all it seem to me that jumping on aliens was the goal.you mention in the discreption that your to collect these power orbs but i didnt seem to find any which was suppose to be the goal right? i never seem to reach a end because the time limit went out or i just got board and commited bear homicide by run into flying aliens. keep trying

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1.46 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2009
4:39 AM EDT
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