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Chronicles of Joe Prequel

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I'm finally finished with this! Technically, it's my very first movie. I've just been working on side stuff while this has been in the works (which has been since December!!!!) This was greatly influenced by Calvin and Hobbes, but even though the main character looks like Bart Simpson, I've been drawing him since before the Simpsons were out (yes, I was LITTLE when I first drew it!) I've got a website with this on it, but I'm not going to advertise it here. It gets too much traffic already. Be sure to watch all the way to the end.



it was okay... but hey dipshit... why the hell would an insurance company try to sell someone insurance knowing full well that they were going to die? it WAS funny, though

Apeman505 responds:

Well, think about it. The incentive to buy insurance is so that they won't blow your stuff up, but Naught's just an idiot and can't suppress his evil desire to KILL!!!! Don't worry, I've thought it out. Thanks for watching!!!!

i miss spaceman spiff...

reliving good memories, huh joe?
this movie was awesome!!! had good humor in it.
dont forget to see epilogue after credits!!

Awesome!!! This is God-like!!!

This was so god damm funny!!! This is so damm cool!!! Very nice job!!! Keep it up!!!

Apeman505 responds:

Dang-monkey! Thanks for all the votes and reviews!! I never thought it would do this well! I'll probably make more of these, then! Whee!

I am still laughing!

It was so good i watched it three more times!

well alright

This flick was pretty damn good.

Apeman505 responds:


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3.25 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2002
12:18 AM EST
Comedy - Original