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Mikey's Comeback!

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"Just When You Thought It was safe to go back on the Internet"

... Ladies and Gentlemen... the Mullet-boy has returned! NG's favorite son:
Mikey, the 11 year old kid who just wanted a girlfriend.
This is Mikey as you've never seen him before...

-Sorry bout the file size, Dial-Up users. It couldn't be avoided. This is a big movie (4:30 in length) and has lots of images and sound. My advice would be to get it loading and then come back later when it's done.

Also you may want to toggle quality by right clicking... it may run choppier on slow systems (like most flash movies)

Anyway, enjoy the film that almost made me go insane/retarded/gay during production.


I forgot to mention: Watch it all the way through! There's more stuff at the end! (I think most of you will see all of it, but this message is for impatient people ;)

Thanks for voting/reviewing high on this :D
It's cool to finally see one of my works score above "3"

Thanks again guys


Whoa! thanks to all of you for the awesome reviews/votes!
And extra special thanks to Wade for posting this on the front page and adding it to the coveted Mikey collection!
I had a ton of fun making this movie, and I'm so pleased that you guys like it. You've made a sad loser's day!
>>Update<< Holy Crap! You guys have used up my site's bandwidth! hahahhaha
this is really somethin'...
don't worry I'll be changing hosts VERY soon. so If you can't access "the Rift" you'll be able to soon. It may take a few days though :( not sure




Well . . .. .

thats going to giveme nightmares for the next week or so...

hahah...all ihave to say is THANK god for the ending hehe(watch the flick you'll know what i mean)

good job man...and please....let little mikey R.I.P hehe


Hey the freak is back! You Gotta watch this video, it is pritty good. I liked the whole idea about with the guy in the bushes, also check out he is the drummer in the next scene. Overall good movie!

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If the ending was any different, I'd hunt you down

Heh. Honestly, the beginning of the video until the little rat bastard got hit by the bus. I wonder what the hell happened to that little dork.


i gotta stop getting high..

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3.63 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2002
11:48 PM EST
Comedy - Parody