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**This is a test to see if the programming for the game works and works fluidly.**
I will be updating this constantly mostly for my own purposes, but feel free to watch this as it gets better and better

:No longer need to press enter
:Final AGAIN? works now
:Longer type time


this is better than the first

pretty good! i like it better than your first! and nice song also

TyyobrO responds:

thank you kind cattle.


I liked the game alot but I FOUND A BUG!!!! Whenever the text "type shoot" pops up the game lags and doesn't register my first couple letter- I enjoyed the "press space to shoot" method more.

TyyobrO responds:

it should register, just slower because the fps gets lowered. I'm glad you watched both.

a deffinate improvement

deffinitely better then the last game. love the music (go portal!) and although not a real fan of type commands, it was interesting and worked. maybe haveing a random word you have to type in, such as a body part you have to shoot and an animation shooting that part follows if the get it in on time. also, it seems that the game itself still seems to be zoomed in and can't see the hearts at the top left of the screen, only the very bottem of them. animation is still great, would like to see some more weapons.keep it up :]

TyyobrO responds:

In the game I'm collaborating on there will be multiple weapons and stuff

needs work

It's a bit hurky jurky and slow on the typing but not bad for a tester. Keep working on it.

TyyobrO responds:

Maybe that's the next thing I'll fix.


fun, and i kno its a demo, but still too short. And i still had to press enter. But still good

TyyobrO responds:

I didn't have to, but thanks.

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2.62 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2009
10:03 AM EDT
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