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Rainbow Rhapsody

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A few weeks ago, I said to myself, "There aren't enough rhythm games on Newgrounds." So I taught myself how to make one, and now I can tell you firsthand that diving into complicated programming can produce many wonderful headaches!

After scanning the Newgrounds Audio Portal for many hours a day (which can actually be quite fun), I compiled seven different songs and synced them together in a rhythm game. It's pretty much just like Guitar Hero or DDR--you press a key when a note hits it, and in this case, there are four keys-- Z, X, C, and V. When a red note hits the red Z key, press Z. When a yellow note hits the yellow X key, press X, and so on.

The game doesn't really have anything to do with rainbows, except for the fact that the notes are the simple four-color rainbow (red-yellow-green-blue). I just named the game "Rainbow Rhapsody" because it sounded a lot better than "Rhythm Game."

I'm not changing the vertical layout >:(

Remember to look at the Options menu to change the quality and toggle the background's movement to lower the lag a bit, and if that doesn't help, try downloading the game.

Song progress is automatically saved to your computer.

And with all that said, I hope you enjoy the game!

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I like the game it's just that I'm not used to the notes going sideways or something like that.

yes suddenly fnf appeared like a buncha years later

This is a good and fun game. I don't know if this is a flash player problem, or my laptop is whack right now, but none of the trophies are saving and I cannot play any of the further songs. The trophy requirements should be taken down or something. This happens on Jon's website and on the downloaded version. I would rate it more but it doesn't work for me anymore :(.

wait, why is the jonbro logo in this game? he might have forgot to add it in other games after this since this flash game was released in 2009 and riddle transfer has the same logo but it was from 2011. this isn't critisism