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Virtual Guitar 6

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A while back (about 2 years ago) I submitted the original virtual guitar but have since improved upon it greatly. From the virtualguitar.net website this interactive guitar (and all other previous versions) has helped thousands of aspiring guitars daily to learn more about playing guitar. From it you can learn how to play many different guitar scales, use it as an online guitar tuner, build and print your own diagrams, and much more.

Click around and explore! Click the fretboard to hear/learn the note names. (names are displayed on the headstock)

You can stop all sounds by pressing your SPACEBAR or clicking the whitespace under the guitar.

You can play multiple simultaneous notes by clicking and draggin off of each individual note. (this is good to hear chords)

No, the guitar is not upside down! It is supposed to be this way.....it is just as if you were looking at it while laying in your lap or rather how it would look if you went from the normal holding position to laying it in your lap to get a top down view.

Six string not your thing? Check my profile for the 7 string version!

I hope this inspires someone out there to learn more about guitar and if it does...see the help menu for links to a free basic guitar book located at virtualguitar.net to learn even more!

I hope this helps someone out there!

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This is a GREAT Tool! To me it's not just a virtual guitar but something I can sit down with and figure out how to play the guitar. Thank You very much for making this.

Not bad

its very interesting


All things aside, this is a very useful tool. I just started really playing guitar in the last couple of months and this tool really helps break things down to make it easier to understand. The interface could use a little work, but other than that, great job.

I am bored.

Which is why this is pretty interesting, and I suck at guitar so this should help lots if I decide to stop playing x-box :D. Good job on it all and this is very useful for beginners to intermediates :D.

Nice game

It's a rough one for sure considering not everybody knows guitar and all. But it's a nice help to the people who want to learn guitar and don't have one. Good work on this.