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My Quiz 2.0

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We're back with a complete re-design!

My quiz is a trivia game with a twist,
you can add your own questions!

Simply enter a question and 4 answers
and you have the chance for your question
to feature in the quiz.

To add your own question just type in
your question then add four answers,
3 incorrect and 1 correct.
Remember to tick which is the right answer.

To play the quiz just click on the correct answer.

We have been having some issues with
question submissions coming through
undefined. But this will not affect game play.

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I might jsut be doush but i have never seen a quiz game like this were people contirbute to the questions, it really gives it some variety! I cant understand why its only 2.7 thou... maybe its cos it's a quiz and not everyone likes quizes...

i guess its not tht much of a new concept cos theres all those driving/action games that allow people to make maps that can be shared with other users but i still like the concept :)

i think it will be quite good in, say, 1 months time when it has a lot of questions and then when u replay it u dont get double questions; anyways, ill give up 10/10 and 5/5 jsut for orginality and good presentation!

So close...

This could be something really great if you made the timer longer. And do something like add points for answering questions faster.

Sheepman9 responds:

It's not a timer. It's a score bar. You DO get points for answering questions faster.


I was expecting yes another impossible quiz rip off, and here i am playing an actual quiz game, that you can add to no less.(I expect that to get totally abused by the way) good common knowledge questions.

Sheepman9 responds:

We have a back end and every question submitted is audited before being given to other users.