Columbine Massacre Fun

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My contribution to the Columbine Massacre Collab. Thought I'd post it on its own too, as it's such a masterpiece.


It's perfect. i love it and you should make a longer version. fuck mankind!! it's full of shit and useless and senseless stupid generations of since 94 through today. plus what the music thats played in the beginning and end?

In all honesty, it's a shame that this got left out of the Columbine collab, this would have easily been one of the better animations, compared to some of the complete and utter garbage that was in there.

How Dare You!

How Dare you make this!?!?!?!? Columbine was one of the saddest Days ever! Why would you do that. I hate things like this. And I hate people who make fun of Columbine. They always say accept Rachel's Chalenge be cause the 1st person to die was Rachel Scott, who was very nice. People shouldn't make stuff like this. To me it is a way of making fun of Columbine. I hate this thing! Id on't know anyone who would think this is a good video.


no the moral is anyone can kill you whenever they want they just dont want to. but dont make them want to, cause they will. and you wont be able to stop them.

Very inappropriate

There is nothing to joke about what happened on that day.

Acid-Animations responds:

Now that's just not true!

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Apr 25, 2009
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