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Afgan Overpass TD

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Author Comments

Hi you all!

Now there are 4 weeks from my first experience with game-making with flash. First I did 2 dress-up games because they are fairly easy to program and I thought it would be a good start to get a feel for flash and then posting the games and seeing how people would like it. After that I did a light Easter themed version of the classic game of Snake.

Now I have made a Tower Defense game (I love TD games personally) and I was thinking about having this game as the first of a series. It all depends on how you like it so please vote and comment :=)


not bad...

the game has potential, and i agree completely with ericloewe. but, he is wrong about one thing

the game isnt completely unplayable, i agree it is too hard and even i couldnt beat it, but i made it pretty far and even maxed out some towers, just start off with a tank and build from there, it wont kill everything, but it will get enough kills for a second tower eventually. you should probably lower their speed and outline the path so it is more noticable and distinguishable from the building areas. also, what are the bunkers even for? they are just wasting space on the field. it would be nice if they could be out-fitted with weapons and such.

also, allow for towers to branch off into different specialties. like snipers can be upgraded to better snipers, or constant-damage lazer units. and make the poison stronger, it is almost completely unnoticable. and so is slow and splash. upgrade their effects and use the advice we have both givin you, and you will have a solid TD game :)

Good concept, but needs polishing

The theme and tower ideas are great, but the game lacks a certain professionalism.
This would be an all time great tower defence if you improved a few things:
1) Sound
2) The restart glitch, we get to keep the last try's towers.
3) the background art around the ground troop tower looked odd (maybe my comp though).
4)Maybe add some kind of menu and offer different maps?

If you were to make this a series i think the theme should be modern conflicts, ie world wars/ iraq/afghanistan a la COD. Just an idea.

Good luck chief

the worst TD game I have ever played.

The title basically says it all, and I've played nearly every TD game on Newgrounds. Even the one with the Darth Vader enemies.

The first problem is that the game plays like a turtle. It takes a minute to even show the tower's information.

Strike two: Even if lag wasn't a problem, gameplay is one. The game is extremely difficult and unbalanced. With the starting money you can build one tower that is guaranteed not to eliminate any enemy units, thus rendering the game unplayable.

Nr. 3: the enemies. This kinda belongs in nr. 2, but the hell with it: the enemies are too strong, too many and too fast. It is nearly impossible to distinguish one type from the other, not that it matters since they all seem to be the same, land or air.

Issue 3.5: Why the fuck do the taliban have an army that size? And since when do they fucking have WWII propeller-driven planes? Or any kind of air unit, for that matter? They're a bunch of morons with AK-47s and RPGs, nothing more.

Item nr. 4: This game introduces absolutely NOTHING to the TD genre. It is a simple, linear fixed path, with an equally linear upgrade system and little choice of units.

Problem nr. 5: The lack of a pre-loader. How difficult can it be? Go to preloaders, download one and follow the instructions on how to integrate it. Inexcusable.

Failure 6: There is no indication whatsoever of where to put towers. The only thing noticeable was the road, and even that wasn't obvious, at one point suggesting a possible shortcut that would be taken by some units, which sadly wasn't the case. Plus the text describing the aesthetic bunkers got in the way.

Last, but not least of these issues: The audio. Or should I say the lack thereof? Is it too much too ask for? A few shooting sounds and some music? At the least the music would be extremely easy to implement. It's only missing because you were either lazy or didn't give a damn about it.

Now come the good parts:

The background was actually nice, despite the weird placement scheme. One star for that.

If you were expecting more good things in this submission here, I suggest you play some Tower Defence games.

As for ratings, 1/10 and 0/5

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iThor responds:

Thanks for this very informative critisism.. I did ofcourse know that my game did have room for improvement since it is my first and only month from my first flash experiment.
This is the way I learn to get better so I thank you for your input. :)

Good Theme

It's a good theme, I like the fact that its based around technology of now, always love those type of games :)

Bad Points :-
No Sound/Music
Map was hard to notice where I could place my towers at first (a grid would help)
A little more money couldn't hurt, I managed to get three towers out before I died =(

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Playtest more before submitting

Most of the towers a reusless, starting cash is way too low, allowing a player to build only 1 tower, the game gltiches when you die, sometimes giving some of the towers, and many of us aren't entirely sure the US are the good guys....
Playtest before submitting

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Credits & Info

3.12 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2009
8:57 AM EDT
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