Bummin' A Ride

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-- Notary Announcement --

hereby I annouce
that you have inherited
$1.000.000 (one million)
from your Uncle Bob.

It is mandatory that you
arrive in LA and accept
the inheritance within
25 days,commencing with
receipt of letter in hand
or else the money goes to
the orphanage.

This is a Hobo-Minigame-(Job)Econom ySim-Adventure-RPG
-- quite a mixture, huh?

See Ingame-Tutorial for instructions.

EDIT: there was a bug when you arrived just in time. fixed!


I really do like this game. It's mostly because there are always new things to do. I thought it might just be a platformer or something at first. Some of the stuff is pretty hard to understand. It just changes so quickly. The design isn't too bad.

I would know about hobos. I came from a town that celebrated them! It's great for you to honor them. I guess it wasn't that innovative. While not too memorable, it was still decent.

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this Is One of My Most Favorite Games!



I Love This Game. i think that it is easy to colect up a bunch of space for the bag just by yousing the flamethrower and scavagin money for it first of corse p.s. my bad writing is cuz im from Iceland not cuz im a litle kid p.s.s i put it to mah fave

finefin responds:

weh did ye puddit?


thats *Worlds Most Awesome Game !!!!!!!! 10/10 5/5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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finefin responds:


*the worlds most ridiculous review but thank you anyway


this was pretty great
i played about 4or 5 times til i finally beat it.
its a nice concept and well executed, sometimes ;near the end; the hitchiking got really frustrating .

my compliments to the chef

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finefin responds:

thank you.
I'm not very proud of the hitchhiking minigame, you know?
That will be completely revised *if* the sponsor says go.

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3.47 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2009
4:01 AM EDT
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