SnakeClock's Close Call 2

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SnakeClock, enlightened by his failed suicide, recalls the moment and the effect it had on him.


Well played.

There is no other way to describe the way i am feeling beyond numb. The subtle psychological intricacies of the permanently damaged mind of the protagonist are portrayed flawlessly, even as you see the effects his damaging behavior is having on the people around him. The surreal visual aspects of the film do nothing but enhance the poignancy of SnakeClock's internal war with his darker impulses by contrast; we see his surroundings as dream-like and innocent, but his bitterly cynical inner voice provides a jarring counterpoint, highlighting the perceived double-standards in his life and indeed the varying facets of life itself. One walks away from the deeply emotional and intellectually evocative experience that is "SnakeClock's Close Call 2" with a renewed faith in life, community, and huge reptilian genitalia.

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LokiClock responds:

Of course, Branagh himself stars as the Danish prince with revenge on his fevered brain, and he's jettisoned yesterday's blue, impotent brooder in favor of SnakeClock the manic, green showman.

the most amazing thing i saw

even better than eating a scrap of metal

LokiClock responds:

It shreds paper! It shreds dogs! It even shreds the crystal meth out of the property! It's ST33L W00L.

ok that was a little pointless

kinda pointless,
i mean all the movie is was a snake with a big penis but it had humor.
i just wish i could have seen somthing more than that.
so that is pretty much the jist of why i didnt like it, it had no point and it was way to short for me,
sorry that im a put down i guess im just kinda picky.
i guess i was just hopin for a little more

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LokiClock responds:

This was just a joke. If you want a quality flash, you can watch the original here: http://www.lokiclock.com/video/flash/


Sweet awesome amazing. I now have seen the apex of clock flash and everything else will seem dull and boring compared to this masterpiece!

LokiClock responds:

To be honored with such blasphemy.. sends shivers down my genitalia.

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2.65 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2009
3:35 PM EDT
Comedy - Original