Press Start: Awakening

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Press Start Adventures - "Zack's Awakening"

Zack is visited in the night by a seductive succubus. Featuring the voices of David Humphrey (SONIC ADVENTURE 2 & SONIC HEROES) and Joshua Stafford (SAINTS ROW 2)!

Includes the trailer for our newest release, RAMPAGE (aka the TURKISH RAMBO), NOW ON DVD exclusively at www.darkmaze.com!

"Press Start Adventures" is a monthly animated series that follows the live-action videogame parody movie "Press Start", available on DVD at www.PressStartMovie.com.

Some folks have asked why these episodes are a little shorter than the earlier Press Start cartoons. They were originally intended for mobile devices and needed to be under 3 minutes -- ideally around 2. We've got a batch of toons already in production, but we'll revisit the length after those. Thanks for your support!


made 100% from others' reviews

found something and a saw But Press a Man Gave every skills lipstick is Chuckle

Very good

I found this very funny even though I didnt know who the characters were so I actually went through and saw every Press Start on newgrounds. Your Video game humor is awesome and I will be looking forward to your next episode!!

It's so lame,

But, there's something, maybe the voice act and the "lameness" that makes it soo funny, I dont know your real animation skills, but, if you can animate, keep this humour, I mean, the "bad" animation gave it a lot of more hilarious feel.

Nice one and I lol'd at rampage =D

some goooood shit!

Press Start is awesome, some pretty neat gags, specially the homing bat and the mind control lipstick XD looking forward to next months ^_^

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Ha ha

What is a Man = Priceless :D

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Apr 24, 2009
10:08 AM EDT
Comedy - Original