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NG Tycoon Reloaded!

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If you liked this game, or if you didn't aswell haha, please take the time to look at my new account. I will be posting some stuff there soon. Thanks!
http://lemon42.newgrounds .com/
A cool newgrounds tycoon I made.

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Good Game!

In the immortal words of James Rolfe, What were you thinking?

I bought flash, no change in money per day.
I bought audio, no change in money per day.

Finally I decided to just spam 'New Day' until I had 100k and bought a new Server, and the amount went up by... maybe 2K-3K? But if the cost of things never change, and there's nothing other than Audio, Flash, and Server, what's the point in playing? Additionally, the audio just loops over and over and there seems to be no option to mute it. I could of course mute my Chrome, but that mutes anything else I'm watching.

Overall, this seems like the kind of game that just... didn't need to be made. 0.5/5

Not bad enough for a 0, but it doesn't seem worth a full star.

i think u should do a update to like u can get like 100 at the beginning every click cause i thought i was rly fun for a while like 20 minutes but then it got boring

i dont care if it decreases or increases all i do is keep clicking new day

I don't get it

It seems that when I buy audio it decreases the money I make, and it seems like the number of flash or audio doesn't affect income at all.

coocooletmoi responds:

Yes, there seems to be a bug in my calculations.
I will fix this in NG Tycoon 2