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Musa Music Match (M3)

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Only 17% of mankind can complete this puzzle. Win 2 free games worth $39-- multi-language play available, high score, website sponsorship.

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Good Concept but...

The concept is very good but...
Here's how the game basically plays:
You click a card, and you hear a note...
You click another card and if you miss it you hear a dull note, and then the note that you selected...

What you should have done is
on the second guess, let it give the note, and then have the "incorrect note" as the cards close up...
It will confuse the players less and still show that you are wrong...

Admittedly at first i thought the wrong sound was the note that that note actually was... threw me off just slightly

Score = 212, Time = 54 seconds

Okay folks, this is the memory match game. The twist is that instead of matching pictures or numbers, you're actually matching musical tones. I suppose this might be harder than it sounds (see what I did there) for some folks, but I didn't really have any trouble with it. I did have trouble uploading my score though, so I posted it here. The author may want to consider making larger game boards/ higher difficulty levels. I am somewhat musically inclined, but this really was easy for me. I'm not sure where you found your statistic, but 17% seems awfully small...

PBMCube responds:

17% comes from ( http://www.tonometric.com/ ) a research site collecting music /hearing test .

Not very good.

Okay you seriously messed up. This game is based on memory and sounds. When you get it wrong your supposed to listen to the sound and remember. DON'T ADD OTHER SOUNDS WHEN YOU GET IT WRONG. It messes you up cause you can hear the other sound to well. Also its very boring.

PBMCube responds:

... then you just confirmed what I'm doing. Thank you; however, your rating shows that you didn't understand what I was doing. ... a big disconnect on my part ... and a greater disconnect on your ability to hear;)