Star Squadron 200X Ep 1.

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Part one of three in a sex education series based on a space carrier in the far future. Sort of Macross meets Wing Commander with unisex showers. Done in anime style to capture as wide a youth audience as possible.

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oh my christ

what kind of magic school bus on crack crap was this? its like the facts of life meets farscape and rygel is gay. its funny i'm pretty sure this was supposed to be a lesson in tolerance and your probably horribly intolerant to those who are uncomfortable around people who chose to enjoy same sex relationships. i think anyone is free to love as they will. but you just seem like your trying awful hard to make a point. this is a site art. after school specials died a decade ago. the animation wasn't too bad i suppose but a few different voices may have been more useful a few of the characters sounded too similar.

This was great!

It definitely deserves a higher score. Great animation and very educational.


Well, isnt this a cute way to explain what sex is to the younger ones ;)

Great and smooth animation, something rarely seen on NG.Story, well, what can I say, its for sex ed so yeah.Audio was also well done.Ill wait and see what more "information" you will provide us in the next episode.

I laughed at the part where the guy said something like,: "give me 5mins of good head and im good for the next 2 cycles"Brilliant!


The animation was great. voice were well done. But only two more to go? I could see this as a whole series. can't wait for the next one.

So pointless

It was alright, great animation and all, just seemed, pointless.