Hot Air Baboon

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You're a kamikaze baboon in a hot air balloon - your objective is to destroy as much as possible before you crash into the city below.

1 to 0 (above qwerty) = choose weapon
space = thrust (rise)
shift, ctrl = enable building targeting
left click = shoot
mouse = aim

Copyright 2009 Reindeer Games (.ca) - Jordan B. Brown


Buggy, Can't shoot

The graphics are stick figures. But the main problem is you can't shoot half the time for who knows what reason. Also, the game loses focus a lot making it so you can't shoot yet again and also you can't thrust or stop thrusting. Fix the bugs dude.

JordanBrown responds:

The graphic style was actually thought of through the entire development, and that's what it came down to. When you say the game loses focus or you can't shoot/stop thrusting, can you explain? I've tried to reproduce the effects but I am unable to - and none of my friends can, either. I'd like to fix any existing bugs though, so please do explain.


it was fun i loved the nuke.

JordanBrown responds:

Thanks, the nuke was actually my brother's idea - so I can't really claim credit for that :P.

Doesn't really work how it should.

I don't think it really works how it should, when I shoot at people they seem pretty much impossible to kill and also the reticule will only be there if i have my mouse pointer actually next to my character.

These are the only two bugs i found within the game as I couldn't carry on playing after i found these because it was too awkward to play (because of the bugs)

Try fixing the bugs and re-submitting and make sure to check the game before submitting!

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JordanBrown responds:

I'll make the firing arc line darker. Originally I had it darker - but I was getting complaints that it was too obtrusive to the gameplay, so I made it lighter. I'll see if I can find a happy medium so it will be clearer where you can/can't shoot.

Thanks for the feedback, although I don't think they're bugs - more balancing issues. I have play-tested it a fair bit, and I've found the people are a good difficulty. You're not supposed to be able to kill everything on screen (or even everybody), that's what part of the fun is. I'll see what I can do about balancing though!

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3.14 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2009
11:15 AM EDT
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