Paint Ballin'

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My friend Nathan Morgan made this short animation as a first attempt at Flash. As he did not, and does not want to start an account, I have uploaded it for him. The characters are Cyanide and Happiness, by Explosm. Don't judge it to harshly, as it was his first shot at it, without a tablet. Enjoy!


Pretty nice

this was (pretty) good for a first attempt. have you consider dubbing voices into later shorts? PS. Why doesn't Nathan wan't a NG account???

very good

Very good for a first attempt.
Fun movie too, you should spent a little bit more time on the art of the characters.
Maybe use stickman instead? I'd love to see that!

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Nekru responds:

Thanks for watching.

Subjectively good, objectively...not so much.

Pretty good for a first attempt, and considering the sheer lack of experience and poor equipment I'd say a final product like is a pretty stellar accomplishment. Certainly leagues above the work of other first-timers I've seen.

That said, I just can't in good conscience give this a very high rating. While subjectively this is quite good considering the extenuating circumstances, objectively when considered against all the other flash cartoons I've ever seen it doesn't rank very high. But it's not like I'm letting some cat out of a bag--you're probably already aware of that.

Sound effects were appropriate, and the characters conveyed emotion well enough (for stick figures at least). Also, I like that the eyes left trails during the dark room scene. Nice touch. The characters, backgrounds, and visual effects were all very low quality though. If this exact same cartoon were redone with the same script and same sound effects, but animation on par with the Brakenwood series for instance, this would be astounding. So the weakness isn't in lack of raw talent--you've got that just fine. The weakness is simply in lack of artistic skill. Which is good--skill can be improved, but talent is a have or have-not kinda thing.

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Nekru responds:

Thanks for giving an honest opinion, and despite the low rating, ypu did leave a positive reflection. As Nathan says, "If I had seen that as a normal movie, I would've thought bad of it." But as you (and Nathan) have said, it is rough, but a decent start. Obviously this is only the beginning of Nathan's work, and now with new skills and new equipment, he is improvng his work drastically. Thanks for the review!


it was pretty funny. i think you could've used something other than stick like people but it was better than i could have drawn it. keep up the good work.

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Nekru responds:

The reason for the stick figures is that it is based on Cyanide and Happiness, which are essentially stick figures themselves. Thanks for the review!


that was incredible for a first attempt.

Nekru responds:

Nathan says: Thanks!

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2.84 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2009
3:29 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody