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Koden X Prologue Part 1

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***Update: FRONT PAGE?!?! Thank you Tom, Newgrounders, Miscellaneous Viewers, Etc!!! It is truly a blessing and an honor to receive criticism and praises from the NG Community, once again THANK YOU!!

***Update: Thank you so much NG for Daily First! It is truly an honor to share with you our hard work and love not only for animation, but for this community! Thanks so much for the support!***

::EDIT:: A lot of you are asking that we put subs in, but I guess we forgot to mention they have been there. In Movie Options you can set those up OR at anytime when you are watching the animation, there is a full navigational bar with buttons set at the bottom of the screen, Thank you!

Welcome Newgrounds to the beginning of a journey!

Koden X, a story that has been years in the making, has finally arrived at its debut on the Portal. Through hard work and faith, we have been able to complete this premiere episode.

Koden X is a series that follows our protagonist, Winzra, in his quest to reforge a forgotten

This episode is part 1 of 4 to Koden X's Prologue. It runs a little over 8 minutes long, and has a slew of extras including Concept Art, Character Bios, a neat Animation Tutorial, as well as much more!

We hope you enjoy the first installment in the world of Equillis, and we look forward to sharing with you a fable from the vast depths of our deepest imaginations...

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amazing! what the hell happened to the others?! how did his hair get like that, and what is up with his scar?! is that a link to the title the X part?

You had me up until the ending.

Nice colors, and visuals, the animation was kinda strange looking at times but the cartoon's graphics did it's job. The music was decent, as well as the sound effects. The voice acting was so-so through most of it, the actors aren't bad, but more realism, less anime in the voicing would've really turned this up a notch. The way you depicted all the random stuff around this world, the thieves, hunters, soldiers by the water, etc... I thought was really well done, and fun to watch.
Then it got to that last scene, mysterious guy found by sweet innocent girl, he's either an amnesiac or keeping his horrible violent past a secret, probably a legendary powerful warrior, somebody with demonic powers or something...that scene kinda ruineed it for me. But other than that, hope to see more, also hope it's not as generic unimaginative as that last scene. The rest was damn good though.


I have friend who feels very tenderly about the whole thing, As he has a character named Koden Currs, Who basically had a very very similar appearance, im sure this can be dismissed, but the point is that its so close that he feels as if someone stole it from him.

I myself am one who understands the importance of not having characters stolen, And by no means am i accusing you, its simply a subject.
I saw this once about 5 months ago, and im going to watch it again, as well as i have been browsing through the extras, and concepts.

The similarities are quite amazing. I plan to turn my multiple series' into either Graphic novels when i am skilled enough to create such things, or just as well, Animation. i have a great admiration for animation when it comes to the hard work of real drawing and such. which is what i want, something of almost Disney quality.

anyways, Best of luck to you and your character and series,

And i would have to say to anyone who reads this. that it may not happen from other sources.Anyone who would steals someones concepts, and imaginations, and the true expression of their heart, must be a person who truly is unsavory.
I cannot imagine the grief brought to the innocent from unjust things.

Anyways, Thank you all who put this picture together, it was fantastic.
Very anime sadly.
the voice acting is okay, though Koden sounds like a stoned brute.


coll man its soooooo asumm 1000000000000000000000/10


good movie. i just watched it today after not having seen it in a while