A* Episode 2

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Run time: 8:45

Supermassive Black Hole A* is a hard sci-fi animated webcomic set in the center of our galaxy, with new episodes about every three weeks.

Check the site, smbhax.com, for more A* stuff!

Zoom mode disabled because it makes the bitmaps icky. More attractive large-formate viewing options are:
a) YouTube HD: www.youtube.com/watch?v=B WHNNcEY9fs&fmt=22
b) view the Flash at your browser's full width at smbhax.com/ep/0002

Update 4/24/09: Revamped the timing; episode much faster now, lip-synching improved. Thanks frozenm for the insightful comments.

Update 5/27/2009: Added Play and Replay buttons, and made the home page URL at the end of the credits clickable.

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Now that i've seen all episodes i see 1 problem.
You like to take thing really slowly, that does ofcourse works with this your style of animation but i don't think you will come far on a site like this that has a whole other thought of what is interesting. Ofc some like it, like myself. But i think you have more succes at a different kind of people who watch it.

Still you maybe really have something here. Think newgrounds need more serious artwork and not only cockjokes and fighting animations.

Just add a little more speed, and make some explosions (explosions who doesn't love them?) more visual.

Hope you make more !
Work hard and soon you'll be on the frontpage.

smbhax responds:

Oh yes, I certainly know what you mean. I don't think my work will be the type that gets instant massive hits here, but that's okay, and it makes me appreciate the people who do like it. :) There certainly will be episodes that are more action-oriented, when the time is right for them in the story. I can't promise any cock jokes, though!


I really love the style it reminds me of some of Frank Millers work it's great. good job.

NO IS GOOD:;.... NO IS BAD-.... is KOOL!

mmm.... is..... ehn.... not my style. but I respect the style ... without however .. we must give credit to what is done in flash. because despite what they say ... its work. =) mi English is BAD:... i KNOW... jejejej.... EXITO CON LO QUE VIENE!-...

smbhax responds:

Hah, okay! Thanks for watching and commenting anyway! =D

keep truckin'

The style is great! You have a real eye for shadows, you are also very artistic.
Unfortunately, your story was very very slow and the sound quality was pretty bad. I was confused at times and even bored. Another thing is that your animation is usually just two frames. For example, speech is an open and closed mouth repeated.

I would work on cutting down the story and timing and improving your animation and I'd say that you've got something good going!

smbhax responds:

Oh, I don't want to cut down the story, it's the important part of A* for me. This episode was originally made without sound, and designed around giving people time to read subtitles, so that may be where your feeling of it being slow comes from. Starting with episode 3 I'm drawing them up for sound from the beginning, so that may start to change up the pacing. Thanks for the comment!

Update: Revamped the timing, should address the slowness and speech issues you raised (mouths are still two frames, but now actually in sync with the words throughout, which makes a big difference :). Thanks again for the comment, it was helpful!

Well this is new.

I've never seen a flash video done in a noir style before. You seem to have a really strong grasp of the technique behind it. Visually it was a very solid piece. But you story telling is soooooo... slooooow! It takes you about 3 times the amount of time to say a few lines of dialogue.

I gave you a 5 because I think you did a good job with vector art. The old noir style seems perfect for it. But in this review you're only getting a 7. Speed up the story progression and I'll give you a 10 next time.

smbhax responds:

Oooh, you have thrown the gauntlet, senor! ;D

Thanks for commenting!

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3.13 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2009
4:43 PM EDT