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Ok, this is my first actual submition.
It was made as a school project, and I though,"Hey, why not Newgrounds?".
So, here it is.
I hope you enjoy it.


not accepted by either? how sad.

it was a good flash. challenging because you don't really know which path to take. hey if he(the lycanthrope)met my friends he'd be totally accepted.we've a buncha' different creatures back at my school,and a few rabbits,but mostly a lot of monsters.raaa


BTW your art sucks big fleshy balls.

Jeiwolf responds:

No wonder a lot of artist are depressed with assholes like you running around.
You definitely have conspiracy theorist wondering why aliens would come to Earth for intelligent life.

i loved it.

It said ass soon. hehehehe.


Im sorry, but it had no story, animation sucked, the sounds sucked, gameplay sucked. I was also able to beat it in less than a minute. It sucked............nothing personal though.

Jeiwolf responds:

Yayy, constructive criticism. >.>

Not that bad.

Not what I was expecting with a title like "furries" though. Obviously a LOT of options were copped out game overs: it would make a lot more sense to either flesh out what happened, or create more paths from it. Seeing as you said this was a school project, I think you should have just removed the extra options altogether.

Bottom line is, unnecessary game overs annoy people. Avoid them.

The rest of it is actually good. The story made sense, though it was short, and the animation and effects weren't bad. I think if you continued working with Flash you could make games/movies a lot better than this.

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1.65 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2009
4:40 PM EDT
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