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First proper flash that i have actually spent some time on, i put alot of effort into this so i hope you guys enjoy!


good job.

it was funny sorta but dsi and are sicly awesome

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this is stolen flash!

it belongs to halfchancer, you recoiling snake-in-the-grass!
come up with your own stuff!

Lots of problems!

If you are gonna record in the future, do it louder, and the DSi's screens are 1/2 inches bigger and you missed a whole lot of features like (something I tried with my DSi) DSi Shop, sound, dsiware, and you can remove games as long as you aren't playing the game but if you are and do remove a game, only the game freezes and you may still press POWER to return to the menu. One thing that did interest me was that you drew a pretty good DSi.


the script was fine but the voice acting and animation were a little crude a retouch on those and it would be alot better


alittle crude for the animation but well done for the jokes (why are they even launching a nes ds any way its just the same thing except with a camara)

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2.57 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2009
3:07 PM EDT
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