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Brick Breaker Beta

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Author Comments

Use your bar to keep the ball up and destroy the bricks.
I know this game got some bugs. thats why its called a beta!
please mail any bugs to thunder-games@hotmail.com

LOADING CAN TAKE A MINUTE OR 2 BECAUSE I FORGOT TO ADD LOADER(loader will be there in real game)

the real version will come out soon but i first want to make sure its bugfree.

if you got any idea how i can make my game better mail me to thunder-games@hotmail.com

Thanks a lot.
PS. sorry for my bad english, I'm fourteen and from the Netherland so i still need to learn. thanks for your understanding.


Just another breakout clone

This is just pure basic Breakout, no powerups, no pretty levels, no special features, nothing. Only nice thing about this was the music, until I heard that the 'DJ' started ra*ing Daft Punk.
Either way, you say this is just the start, but -I'd- say that you shouldn't post this on Newgrounds, first look at real games, then ask friends and family what they think of it and finally finish it up with some nice stuff, also, play Ricochet.
I think you know, just like every other reviewer here, that this isn't really playable yet.
My apologies for the rough words.

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thunder-games responds:

i'm just started on prgramming like i said before and i just wanted t know what i was able to make so thats why i made this game next game will complete different. i'm also don't going to finish the game because nobody liked it thats also what i wanted to test because if you make a awsome looking game but nobody like the game itself all your time is wasted for nothing

Eh it's ok

There was a glitch in the left wall where the ball would go straight through the wall and I'd lose a life.

thunder-games responds:

i found that glitch by my self before but i couldn't find a way to fix it sorry


First of all, this isn't an original idea and if I wanted to play something like this I could go find a much better one somewhere else. Second, the starting position was a horrible idea. Most games like this start on the little blocker bar thing and then fly off in a random direction when you start. Considering you had the "Click here to continue" up higher on the screen, I expected the ball to fall straight down. Instead, it flew off to the side, causing me to miss it. You have to try really hard to actually hit the ball the first time, which is a bad idea for a game like this. You should also put some sounds in here for when it hits the bricks or something. I hope this helps :/

thunder-games responds:

tanks for the advise i shall work on it


I'm sorry to say this, but yes, your game is not appealling in the slightest. I find no motivation to move forward and advance to the next level, and there are quite a few things that are unfinished.

Cool, you made a brick game.. what now? At least add something, powerups, some sort of timer, different ball speeds; just something to not make it so damn monotonous. Not too mention I almost always lose a life on the first level because having to click the text and then move the mouse down to adjust the bar is pretty annoying, I'd much rather only have to click the screen. *hint* *hint*

All in all it's not a bad game, it just needs some added fun, obviously you spent time on it and was just too proud to refrain from posting.. I get that, but really, actually work on your shit next time.

thunder-games responds:

i know i have to change much that why i made a beta.
i just want to make sure i dont see somethine not

i just started with flash programming like a week ago and like every programmer you have to start straight from the bottem so my games will look in the future better.

anyways thanks for reacting


maybe you could put on your next project better music... cause this one is realy anoying

thunder-games responds:

i think music is just a kind of taste.
i wanted to add more music so people could chose there song that they like but NG got a 10MB upload limit so i first need to make a server to drop the music on.

thanks for reacting

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Credits & Info

2.28 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2009
10:31 AM EDT
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