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Rune towers(magnettower3)

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Here is the sequel of magnet towers...For this one, i create a new background, with runes and different scoring combo system.


Very nice again!

I've played the very first version of your Magnet Towers, and I must say you made some real progress there.
You have found a way to make such a simple game very addictive!
I reward you for the graphics, gameplay and the improvements you have made overtime.

A great job done well!

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not so bad...

I really love it. nice work

Simply addictive

Very addictive and fun to play. I think slightly more time on each level or maybe a token to increace time or increase magnet attraction range would be great. The graphic that tells you you have a perfect tower lingers too long sometimes and it obscures the pieces under it. Just nit picking really. It's great.

Not Bad

Fun, kinda ddictive, but the game has too little time.

Addictive fun

A nice little game, that certainly has a highly addictive quality to it . I think that you could allow a few more seconds for the levels, but it has quite a big scope for being played for a long time. I'd only got to the 5th level and I was posting the 4th highest score, so I've not been doing too bad.

The graphics are neat and the music seems like a good choice - pushing the player to speed up their movement,s as it seems that it's indicating the time is running out.

Perhaps special tokens would be useful in this game - pick them up if you want, but you'll lose your sequence of perfect towers for combining them with a tower of over 3 tokens to activate them, for instance?

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3.46 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2009
6:11 AM EDT
Skill - Collect