Chrono Trigger Unglued 18

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Nadia, believing that Crono has long since been executed, goes into despair while being kept captive in her room by the castle guards. However, it quickly turns out that hope is afoot; thusly she formulates a plan to break out and help Crono and Lucca while there is still time! Furthermore, the Chancellor's flair for the dramatic finally manages to bite him in the ass. Lastly, this episode also features a completely redesigned all new credits sequence.


The space bar, as well as the arrow button, is used to advance conversations. When the secret scene is unlocked you select it from the scene selection menu to play it. Restarting the movie by right clicking relocks the secret scene. You can now skip Gaspar's narration if you select the first scene from the scene menu.


Cryo's mostly still around these days, hopefully that continues to last. Sorry this took so long, but working at Wal-Mart can be a real dampener on the soul; however, hopefully the impressive new credits sequence makes up for some of the long wait. Also, you might notice some wonderfully made custom Marle-in-Dress sprites in this episode, you can all thank our new master custom sprite maker for those: Kris Sumrall. I would very much like to say that the next episode will be out soon, but I've long ago learned that I jinx myself when I say such things. So, instead, let's all just watch and hope that it's soon!


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Let's go buy some swords!

Ah now that secret scene really got me laughing at the end of it. This series is just too funny ah my sides lol

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Clovis15 responds:

I'm glad you liked it.

Great Movie

The title screen music was awesome, I hope that this series will go onto the end of the game, Keep up the good work ^^

Clovis15 responds:

Thank you for your appreciation of the title screen music choice, especially since I went through and tried four different songs before I settled on that one. It is my ultimate goal to do the entire game, no matter how long that takes.

awesome. are you still making them?

seriously the best chrono trigger themed series ever created. It might be one of the only ones... but still. Awesome job. I remember being like 6 and playing it on SNES. And i still play it to this day. The greatest RPG ever created, in my opinion.

Outstanding Job!

I've been a fan of Chrono Trigger since my early days and to date I haven't seen a lot of amazing Chrono Trigger work lately, but this was just fantastic it made me laugh hard enough to choke on air with all of the jokes and references :D I also loved how I got too interact with the escape and the humour of finding out what Marle would think of what i chose. Overall just a fine job :D

Great job and can't wait for the next one
- SteelLancer09-

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Clovis15 responds:

I'm glad I made your day. Hopefully the new episode will be soon.

that was funny

^_^ can you make them long though? besides that it was good

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4.35 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2009
1:10 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 5th Place April 23, 2009