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August 21, 2000 –
October 16, 2018
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THe Best thing

This is the best true story on newgrounds i have ever heard plus its really funny i like the song lryics and the graphics alot

<deleted> responds:

Lol glad you thought it was funny!

It was decent

He is my one great president. hope to see more

good one

it's funny cause it's true!


gay movie but funny as hell...


You killed the movie,you basterd!no,juz kiddin,but i think its really bad of you to just delete your movies when you know that people like me have been looking forward to seeing them!:(

Ahh the good old days.

I miss Slick Willy.

at lest he was a better president than Dubya


This is why Bill was my fav. president.

Quality stuff there. Gave me a good chuckle.


This was really really funny ive never seen anything like that b4


This is soo funny, i read your little comment and was thinking, "great another piece o' shit" but actually I thought this movie was soo funny. I have actually seen all of those pics before, and heard the mp3 but never made a flash incorperating them.

holy shit that's funny!!!!!

I didn't think this would be so damn funny!! the picture of the dog sucking his dick is sick!!!!! great job on this one!!!!!


I know this is a MP3 from Napster and just pictures the dude found on the internet. But Bill Clinton is my role model. He is just the coolest president we ever had. This movie just describes our former president very well.

This is nothing but a stolen napster file with some pictures added too it. nothing he put on this is his own work. just lazy crap

This is God Like

The best portal entry ever


This was definitely an enjoyable movie. Not too flashy, but still...


This is some really funny shit ^_^!!LOL!!

LMFAO - again and again and again

this was hilarious!! it was funny as hell!!! i recognize soma the pics from onlice, and the news. this was great! it didnt matter that it was just some stuff takin from places, its deffintly hilarious!!!

This is the funnies movie I've ever seen.

This is a funny movie. If you dog on Clinton(no pun intended) then watch this movie. It's hilarious.

Bloody Fart's Farty Review

This totally sucked. This is in the fucking top 50 and it took absolutely NO WORK! This is bullshit, and should be exposed for what it is. I don't usually give reviews this bad, but the shit that comes in to the portal on a daily basis gets higher votes (a lot higher) than I'm giving this.

Funny, but....

It was funny, Im all for making fun of the sleazy president but I was kinda getting sick of see tits everywhere. It wasnt needed to make a hilarious video.

This is as good as it gets.

I like it because it is so true.

very primitive, but humorous

Funny, but a very effortless work. could've been better

not good

graphics-0 because they're just a bunch of scanned pictures with shoddy mouth movements, sound-0 because it's not yours, style-2 because you actually bothered to make it, humour-2 because it's sortof funny. Average score-(0+0+2+2)/4 = 1/10

nice song

nice work but the ending is irritatin'


this is funny shit but one thing to Torien.......

if u think this clip was effortless

y dont YOU go download the mp3 shit billion times

and get ur pix from internet and try makin ur own

and do all the mouth move and shit :(

Retarded monkees can do better.

This trend of flash movie is really starting to annoy me. It has absolutely no originality what soever. The images are just different funny slides that you can find everywhere on the internet, and its just played to the background of a song probably downloaded a billion times off of napster. The most work this artist did was make the prez. mouth move, and probably some collage work slapping peoples heads on others bodies. The pictures and song I find funny seperately, but to slap it all together and try to pass it off as a flash movie just doesn't make me laugh.

very funny!

it was funny. I never knew hillary had such big boobs. Scary!

too late

the intern thing's over. get creative.


Let's see. I laughd ZERO times and felt as though I was sitting through an ass-number at the local shitaplex. Gah.


Many of the images/cartoons were stolen from elsewhere, and I guess so was the music. It was still funny to watch.

--Michael Bregman

Enjoyed it immensely

Nothing like a political parody. I encourage to do more of this and I'll nice about you. Only if you make good shit. Anyway well and look foward to more of your work

hahahahahahaheheheheheheheeeeeeeehehehe woo woo!

For a movie thats just some pictures and a good sound clip that was pretty darn funny.
I liked all the pictures you got, I'd seen most of them on various sites.
Another thing I can say is dont do another, why not show us your drawing skills instead, because I'm sure were all gettin tired of these movies with just sound to do the work.
Anyway I congratulate you on finding a good sound clip.
Try something new and different.




much better than the version I made. You took your time, I did not. oh well.



A very humor filled video.

I've watched this video with a bit of interest. Its comedy about the president and the interns is unmatched , and I think is down right hillarious. Its graphics are good, but are mostly pictures and only feature limited animation. There is clearly no violence, and I don't think it wanted to have violence in it. ( Except the Hillary part. )It has only limited style, since picture/frame animation is commonly used, and because there are over a thousand jokes about Bill Clinton ( President ), Monica ( Intern ), Interns ( Intern ), and Sluts ( Whores. ). The sound is not that high quality, but it works. The only major problem is two times the film stopped completely, and started again. All in all a decent film, but not the best.

Very Funny and like ture.

good funny ture.

not another sound file

Actually this is a good example of how to do flash to a sound file. Yeah, the idea is unoriginal, but this was nicely done. I laughed my ass off. The pictures were funny and the artist put effort into this.

damn!!!! thats some funny shit!!!

finally somebody has made the ultimate parody of bill clinton. i don't think that it can get any better. i laughed my ass of, keep em commin.

Funny As Hell!!!

I loved watching this! I must have watched it at least 10 times...and I will later on. This KICKS ASS!!!

nice movie

this movie is funny,I 'll be more happyer if you put "drawn" pictures

Sick but funny!

A little on the disgusting side don't you think.
Still pretty funny though, I was laughing, real hard man I bust a gut watching this. Nonetheless
try and keep revolting yet hilairious truth to a
minimum please. Its been a long time since I've seen a good film without any perversion.


This one kicked ass. funny as hell

Even more shit!

Christ, i thought i'd never see another one of these again. Here's a hint. Try turning your monitor off. It's still just as funny, isn't it? Even though some of the pictures were funny, this is still an unoriginal idea.

don't you think this is getting a bit old

jesus crist the man is almost out of office and this shit happened so long ago. i just think that this movie would have been 10 times funnier if someone wrote it when it was a current issue

Bad timing

Spice Girls and The Monica Lewinsky scandal? This movie would of been funny....3 YEARS AGO!!! Now it's just boring and outdated.

Damn, Monica is hot....

This reminds me a lot of "Coconuts" and "Make my boobies One More Size", getting an obvious sound file, but then putting some ACTUAL EFFORT and not letting the sound be the star of the movie. This guy obviously put alot of effort in looking through all these pictures. Great job!

This is funny

This is cooler than tha t OTHER one........

Well now...

I'm giving you a 10 because the other reviewers are MEAN! (and you know what they say about mena people... THEY SUCK!)I have no clue why these people are chewing you out. I mean, it WAS funny. If you have any kind of sense of humor at all, then you.... oh nevermind. Well, I wouldn't have found all of those pics. Well, I recognized 1 picture....

This is the shit!

Parodieing the spice girls, making Bill Clinton out to be an idiot...this kicks ass!

most reviewers suck

geez, u people say these people arent original because all they do is find sound clips and pics and put them together...guess what, if it's so unoriginal, WHY THE FUCK DIDNT YOU DO IT??!!? Geez, get a life...you're just jealous this "crappy video" is so high


That was dumb. WAs it suppossed to be funny or something?


yet another sound file with well atleast this time the pictures looked a litle better but they were not drawn by you.

Ok but still a ripoff

Well, the sound is a ripoff, and a cheap way of getting votes. I suppose in it's credit, at least slightly more effort went into the picture transitions, even if they were ripped off too.


The only way to get a good rating is to rip off other peoples audio and video? Take pictures you didn't even make, use music that you just downloaded! This has absolutely no orginality and totally sucked! Not to mention that people are still bitching and moaning about Clinton? Jeez, at least his scandal didn't screw up the country. There were far worse ones. GET OVER IT!

Very funny!

It's nice to see someone actually adding to a sound file with funny graphics, even though there wasn't much animation. Nice job.

Clinton gets on

Good work!

Remember.... www.mp3.com/stinglione


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