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/!\ Requires flash 10 to run /!\

Controls :

[Arrows] : move the player
[ X ] : do a pass
[ C ] : shoot
[ V ] : dribble

Note : Click to start the game. Then press X to select a team.
We have improved the performance and fix some glitch on the sounds.

Credits : Playmark (1993).

Enjoy this cool soccer game !


nothing happend?

after the easy retor thing passed the game just said the games name i waited 5minutes and nothing happend, and yes i have flash 10.

EasyRetro responds:

Have you tried to click the screen to start the game like it is said in the comments ?
I think not :)


It´s a pretty nice football game in my opinion. It has a nice pixely style which reminds me of old gameboy football games. The little cutscenes that occured after a goal were really typical for those type of games :p Anyway, I thought the music was well done, although there wasn´t much music in it. The sounds were alright as well, but they could´ve been better. Personally I thought the "Goal" sounded a little bit lame. There were also few other things that need some improvement in my opinion.

My main complaint is that the ball moves too slowly during passing. I could pass the ball and immediatly run after it to pick it up a bit further. Also, the only way to pass the ball seems to be through the air. I had a feeling every ball I passed went a mile up before landing a few meters up ahead. Why can´t I pass the ball over the ground? It would be nice if you could add that and make the ball go a little bit faster. This would certainly add a bit more realism to the game.

Also, you might wanna make the players a bit faster as well. Or make a button that allows us to sprint. I thought the players were running pretty slowly, which made the action slower and made the game a bit boring.

To add even more realism to the game, it would perhaps be nice if you added fouls and cards and stuff like that. I mean, I made a few red card tackles and they all went unpunished here. Perhaps you should make it in such a way that every tackle from behind is a free kick and perhaps a yellow card.

One last thing, broadening the field might be a good idea. It was weird that when I made a diagonal shot from the corner of the 16 meters line, the ball ended all the way at the other corner flag.

Overall 7 out of 10, 3 out of 5. A fairly enjoyable game. If you improve on the stuff I mentioned above, I think it could become pretty awesome. Keep up the good work and good luck with the production of any future flash games.


EasyRetro responds:

Hey Auz,
Thks for this in-depth review. The overall game is probably not running fullspeed on your computer for some reasons. Could you please PM your processor and Web-Browser name that would be really nice.

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3.02 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2009
11:48 AM EDT
Sports - Soccer