Pirat Chronicles

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Collect the coins and add them to your PHAT LEWT (chest).

Arrows to move.

Effert went into this baby, bitches.


Like WoW

its like WoW but not gay and nothing like WoW =p


come on, just....come on.

that game was...was...pointless.

please, be more creative.

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animations could be much better looking. its vaguely amusing, but its far too simple, you need to make levels, introduce monster etc octopusses sharks stuff that you have to dodge.
just be more creative with it. expand it more.

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Angress responds:

octopusses would be pretty cool- but i forgot to say at the top that this was a product of a '30 min flash off'- infact...
i forget alot about last night.


Sorry to tell you this, but it does not work:
-The pirate can walk on water :S
-The screen has no boundaries, He could be walking anywhere, and the coins could appear anywhere, which makes it no fun.
-No sounds, but that can always be added
-Worthless ending, maybe something a little more, well, fun?

Other than that you did it well, as it actually does something.
Needs some improvement though.

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i skore 15 pts!!1!!1!1111!

Well obviously its not a professional programmer who made this, nor is it the "best" game ive seen around lately. =P
But it deserves to take place on the site if you ask me. 2/5

Angress responds:

yeah... actually,
i am a proffesional programmer...
just a very rushed one. - this game was done in under 30mins.
but thnx for saying it deserves to be on the site, i dont really think it does

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1.49 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2009
8:54 AM EDT
Skill - Collect