A Bid For Freedom

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While you load, feel free to read these comments, and also check out the collaborators' sites down below for more great work.
Questions about words? Please USE DICTIONARY.COM!

Here is the Newgrounds Flash version of "A Bid for Freedom".

It is a story that I wrote and converted into a small fable with images provided by the talented Nacho Rodriguez (who created Mr. Coo and won the #1 slot in Cold Hard Flash's Best Animated) and lush watercolours by his girlfriend Cecilia Deshayes.
It is an illustrated storybook, narrated for your pleasure by the debonair Andy Dennis, with guest turns by Sasuya and Josh "Tomamoto" Tomar you HAVE to hear!
The Storybook route was pursued so it could enter ReNaeNae's excellent Storybook Collab;
http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1003968 Talents in writing, art, voice, sound, code etc. should give it a look!

To turn the pages, hover your mouse pointer over the bottom corner of the page, then left-click and drag the page across with your mouse until it fully flips over.
Narration starts on each page as you view it, but you're free to read at your own pace (you can right-click and select "Zoom In", then drag around to see all the fine details).

This story is NOT an attempt at hair-pin-bend trigger-happy balls-to-the-wall FBF hentai-maniac game-parodying shenanigannary. NO REALLY, IT'S NOT!
The power here is in the words and the pictures.
There is COMEDY, ACTION, DRAMA and ROMANCE, all skewed at odd angles.
There's fantasy, exotic locations, body odour, and even a fast car if you stick with it!
Have patience, we've many things to offer you. Stick with us. We're a good group.

Please vote and review showing respect to the combined talent and hard work involved in this Flash. A lot of passion went into this just for you guys, so be fair.
Critique, constructive criticism, suggestions, these are things we graciously accept.
If you vote or review abusively, you let Newgrounds down. Don't.
If this is "not your sort of thing" or you're somehow disappointed by the lack of animation, this is not the fault of anyone involved; no-one's forcing you to watch!

With all this in mind, we hope you enjoy (with your drink or snack of choice) our hard work, vote and review responsibly... and may your day be brighter.

For more awesome while you wait, check out:
www.mistercoo.com (Nacho's site)
http://ceciliadeshayes.blogspot. com (Cecilia's blog)
www.ediblecastle.com (home to Andy Dennis and his mate Will)
www.scarymarymedia.com (earlier collaborative efforts between me, a mate of mine and Nacho, including an award-winning short for the Marbella Film Festival)


This section is for the creative people out there:

This has been a hot coal in my hands for quite some time, burning with collective passion, yet I've been reluctant to throw it into the fire.
Enough people are happy with the results as they stand for me to go forth and submit it.
Trust that this will blossom over time as we come back to better adorn this work.

My preliminary thanks are on this page:

I additionally thank DrNeroCF for saving us in the coding department and Deathcon for further help; Joey Young (http://joeymofo.newgrounds.com) for providing sound effects at short notice and the Very Odd House (http://www.theveryoddhou se.com/) for a small snippet of lush score; and to Josh Tomar, introduced late into the project yet he delivered an outstanding performance within minutes of me asking him.
Further thanks go to the Newgrounds Team for their support of this work, and to all Newgrounds users who do the same (including Mr GUS, who is highly underrated: be sure to see his latest http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/483436 and vote for it in this year's Treasure Hunt).
Any other great participants that come to light will be remembered here equally.



Less Than 3

I've been poking around Newgrounds for awhile already and I must say that this was the best and most interesting work of art that I have seen yet. The story has an equal amount of humor, elegance, and pure simplicity. The voices are on cue and fun to hear and listen to. The art is simply amazing and intriguing. Although at some points, I didn't believe the artwork matched the voice or the story, but overall, a very job well done.

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Beautiful, that inspire me!!!

that story was incredible, i want know if you cando another one very identical to this one. I gave you a FIVE in submission and a TEN in the commentary!!!!!

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AdamCook responds:

Thank you for your kind review and very generous scoring!
More detailed response once I have a little more time! Watch this space...

At first I was YAY.......

Then common sense slapped me. I'm no one special and I mean nothing bad about this or what I'm going to say, just noticed it after I read it again.

1. (Yes, I have just enough things to say to have a reason to number them)
No page #'s?

2. The auctioneer's voice was not auctioneery enough, but I liked the description with the Gatling gun.

3. The speech with 9/11 reminded me of family guy. Laughed a little.

4. Why was there music on only 1 part?

5. He says he doesn't drink, but some how got alcohol poisoning? I can see how he got drunk from the fumes, I guess, but the auctioneer said he was sober.

6. If she stopped eating the fruit, then how did she have bad breath when he first met her.

7. On the picture of them on the chandelier, how is the light fixture hanging if they broke the roof above it. After all they had to break the roof above it to land on it.

8. There's no back-story of the main character. Maybe start him off at his apartment and bla bla bla blaaa.....

9. Why do we have to actually flip the book? Why not just click the little fold at the bottom to flip it, or like in other read-alongs, there's some jingle or something. Why not just forget about us flipping the page ourselves altogether, and just flip it when you want? I guess just put a pause button or slowing button. And yes I know how lazy this sounds.

10. It felt like the 80's or 90's. Not sure if you tube was around or even popular at those times.

11. Could have been cool if someone was actually stuck to the wallpaper in the picture.

12. She was the ONLY thing auctioned off?

13. The art looked great at first, but looking at it closer, it started losing it's flair. Don't know why.

14. Babs lived where before she met Kong?

15. Where did Kong go? SeQuEl. So this is how king Kong started. Even though he made a reference to the movie.

16. For the action part, she probably would have hit the ground before he even reached the vine.

17. I thought he was going to become the next Kong.

18. What's the moral, if there is one?

19. Loved the ending. Not sure what kind of humor that is called, but I write short stories with similar humorous endings.

20. This number really isn't a critique, but just did it to make an even twenty.

I liked the ending, and where you were going with the story. Couldn't tell if this was for children, teens, or adults. Love that writer's name, Adam Cook. A dam cook you are? There are other things that I can't really remember when I read it the second time, but I'm sure 20 is a good place to stop. Couldn't decide on 6 or 7 stars. Like the artwork, but loop holes aside, very good.


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AdamCook responds:

Holy heck, I need to set some time aside for this one!
Are you a writer by any chance, or simply an avid reader?
Thanks for the mega-detailed review, and I'll draft up a suitable response once I've got some spare time.


Art at its best

This is what i call art in its purest form, subtle, beautiful, and attention grabbing 20/10 from me

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verry nice sir, VERRY nice indeed. An enjoyable story paired with subtle, yet alluring poetry. The format of a book with real-watercolour-paint made it even more impressive. I must say THIS , is what i would call Art.

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Apr 20, 2009
10:28 PM EDT
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