Marijuana Stand 3.0

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Never played? Read the in-game instructions under the "help" menu.

Happy 4/20! I know alot of you have been waiting for a LONG time for me to finish this. Well, I worked out the major bugs, added the rest of the dealers and a "high"score list. One kink you gotta watch out for is make sure that you don't click on anything else while in a gun fight or you could end up with the gun out the whole game ;P Hope you enjoy! Some of you guys ended up in the thanks section of the credits, check them out. Peace out, and thanks for all the support,

edit: Yay, front page! Been a while... Thanks guys, you rock. "High" score of 4/20 = Tristan of Australia with a score of $164,481. Congrats Tristan, you beat the maker as well!


It was alright

Mostly ended up just buying and selling. You don't even need to fight the guys with guns, since you can just bring up a store window and they stop shooting, theres no point putting money in the bank because theres no interest, all the dealers say that have 0% chance and i can't buy any higher phones but i always get the dealers 100% of the time. FIrst time playing and i got over 4k. good idea, very buggy and needs fixes.

great game

this game was just awesome except for the fact that buying drugs takes awhile to get alot because it stops a limit, but besides that awesome job... keep it up.


Okay first of all I have some issues. You only get two contacts? Only one has any find at all? You mention a bank but how do you get money into said bank? When you get into a fight is there any way to heal any of this damage? Wtf? The menu is pretty crappy to.


im the same as others that when i say someking is the coolest. and the only reason im giving you a 9/10 is because you have the prices and names aloittle off.
but great

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im only giving you 9/10 bcuz MS 2.0 was alot cooler than MS 1 but MS 3.0 only seems a SLIGHT improvement over 2. the post below me by Munk017 is EXACTLY what this game needs. it DOES get very boring, like selling dope over the INTERNET like some dutch seed company. if you followed his suggestions and actually put the time and effort into making an entirely new game based on ythe current one (like the current 'windowed' setup would just be like a 'home' screen where you could visit inside of your 'house' but the rest of the game would be walking around. like actually having to stroll the streets and confront possible customers like 'hey man wanna buy some high-class dope?' and if you picked the right customer it would be like 'Hell ya, man. hook me up, how much?' and then you could negotiate a 'street' price instead of having the prices set up like lemonade stand. grade 2 or 3 hash is not worth the same as grade 0-0 and while $25-30 might be reasonable, 0-0 is some heavy shit, and would charge more for the 'same' substance. infact, why not just make this game a REALLY HIGH QUALITY dealer game, sling more than just grass, ex, shrooms, acid, heroine, coke, etc. makes it alot more interesting especially if you took munk's suggestions. still a good game, but its getting old, sorry. 420

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2.87 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2009
7:19 PM EDT
Simulation - Job

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