Marijuana Stand 3.0

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Never played? Read the in-game instructions under the "help" menu.

Happy 4/20! I know alot of you have been waiting for a LONG time for me to finish this. Well, I worked out the major bugs, added the rest of the dealers and a "high"score list. One kink you gotta watch out for is make sure that you don't click on anything else while in a gun fight or you could end up with the gun out the whole game ;P Hope you enjoy! Some of you guys ended up in the thanks section of the credits, check them out. Peace out, and thanks for all the support,

edit: Yay, front page! Been a while... Thanks guys, you rock. "High" score of 4/20 = Tristan of Australia with a score of $164,481. Congrats Tristan, you beat the maker as well!


good shell...but needs changing!

The art and sound was great but the general gameplay was dumb. There really was no strategy, I mean all you did was keep getting more and more weed and selling it...there were no price variances or even different kinds, I mean there was what I gather as great good and ok weed with the three brackets, but there wasnt any kind of names or general kinds.

The shooting portion is retarded, I mean you keep shooting them in the head over and over and they are still popping up taking a life point from you 1 at a time, I wish it was a little bit more realistic and let you at least get a straight kill for a shot in the head. And if you are going to allow us to shoot the attackers in a point and click style, please let us buy a wider range of guns instead of just the two, and maybe just change up the sight icon as well.

Great start and good for 420 but come on clean it up and you have a great game!

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Happy 420, man. This game fucking rocks.


Even though I desperatly hate stoners, this game was wonderful.

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2.87 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2009
7:19 PM EDT
Simulation - Job

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