Marijuana Stand 3.0

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Never played? Read the in-game instructions under the "help" menu.

Happy 4/20! I know alot of you have been waiting for a LONG time for me to finish this. Well, I worked out the major bugs, added the rest of the dealers and a "high"score list. One kink you gotta watch out for is make sure that you don't click on anything else while in a gun fight or you could end up with the gun out the whole game ;P Hope you enjoy! Some of you guys ended up in the thanks section of the credits, check them out. Peace out, and thanks for all the support,

edit: Yay, front page! Been a while... Thanks guys, you rock. "High" score of 4/20 = Tristan of Australia with a score of $164,481. Congrats Tristan, you beat the maker as well!


Alright, but too easy.

After I'd got the prices at a good level the game just became a grind of go a few days selling, buy some more, do it again.
Bit too easy really. I got high score #8 on my first try. Needs more fights to break up the monotony.

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Really fun but very glitchy

At first glance, I was thinking it would be a crappy game like those ones where you have to squeee the lemons, but your on a timer and you have to satisfy customer after customer etc etc etc.
But it turned out to be quite fun filled. The first time I played, I read the tutorial very carefully and it was only on my second play through that I discovered all the other bonuses, such as buying an rpg. Unfortunately it was ruined on my second go when I unlocked the alien character, and then the shortcut key to end the day wouldnt respond no matter how many times I reset the game or started a new game.

Hint for begginers, type in commando to start with an m16 with no bullets.

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this is a cool game and for all you hobos who dont know how to set the price go to the weed page and look at the bottom right of it and click the arrow

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wow, open your eyes.

Guys, this is a decent game, i'm tired of people trashing it. There is a Bank and a way to heal yourself. If your observant on the upper right hand panel there is a right arrow, click it to go to more shops. Best/easiest way to heal yourself is the strip club. There also IS a bank, thers a casino, scratch off, multiple weapon shops, as well. But one thing i could suggest, try having the items tell you what they do, or make the other stores easier to access ((mostly so those who don't take the time to look can find them:P *cough* *cough* DaRk-NaRaKu


The concept, and some of the art was really good... The programming kinda sucked though, and there wasn't enough options... Like, there is no bank, or from what I saw atleast... You can't set the price you sell it at... Basicly, this game isn't finished... Fights sucked, no way to heal yourself, absolutely no way to run away from the cops (which I think is dumb...) and when they catch you, you don't lose much... They give you back a huge majority of your stuff... also, I don't know why you can only buy one cellphone, that's just retarded, you should be able to change phone providers if you want to. (you could probably make it better phone = more dealers or something. I know it's just because the person who coded was a lazy ass...) And I hate it when you go to buy the stuff, they only have or want to sell you 1. It's complete and utter bullshit, because it's such a damn waste of time (you should make the percent reflect on how much money you have... Like if you have 400 grand, you're not gonna want to buy 1 oz. at a time, you know? So fix that). Some of the art looks half-assed as well, which isn't all that bad, but it just adds to the frustration. And when you reset the game, your life doesn't go back to 100% which is bullshit again. From the way you made this sound, I was hoping for something like lemonade tycoon, or something of that nature, look it up, and give it a try because it's a good game. I don't even know how the hell this got on front page, probably because of 420, i forgot about that... And don't go on about me not submitting flash, because I do that with another account because little queers vote my shit down if I submit anything because of my reviews, people don't like the truth, and so I find ways around their little retardedness. Anyways, I give this a 3/10 and 2/5 because of the bugs, etc. Good luck in future flash, hopefully you'll put more work into it before you submit them nextime.

badseed1 responds:

Some good points here, but it really just sounds like your are jaded because I got front page and your shit got blammed...

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2.87 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2009
7:19 PM EDT
Simulation - Job

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