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Collect smaller squares, avoid bigger ones!

Have fun!!!

EDIT: I have read your reviews (thanks!) and many of you asked for a mouse version. You can find it here: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/492468 (powerMOUSE)


Not worth it

Keyboard fails for this kind of game, since it erquires accuracy, plus the square moves too fast.

Also, the hitboxes sucks, you don't have to touch a box to be penalized.
Moreover, the squares go to the borders of the field, but when you do that, you end up on the other side, while they don't, and that's confusing.
What is only attracting to replayability is just the score thing. Other than that, it's not worth it as it's actually very short.

You wont miss much by not playing it.

You got potential

I enjoyed the music, concept of that game was straight forward and has been done before..
Things I did not like:
Could not use the mouse
I don't even have to touch a square just get really close to be penalized
I could not go up and appear at the bottom where as i can go down and appear at the top, this needs to be fixed.
game is too short

Overall I played it to the end (since it was really short) I would like to see a remake of this with improvements. also add in more songs that will randomize at the beginning of each new level. add levels to your game, hint hint

Ok game

The game was OK. Kinda crazy controls. OK concept. Just OK. Bit short.

Anyway, what was the name of the song?


ok i enjoyed this game alot and thought it was challenging but it could use some more work and like Aoiva said bout fishy yes it is similar but i think it's harder because alot more blocks come at you a whole lot faster but anyways it's good just needs some improvement.

maybe in a parallel universe

maybe if it was made before fishy or if fishy wasn't made at all.But, unfortunatly this game has allready been dwarfed by a game that has allready came out.sorry frang.

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2.47 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2009
12:06 PM EDT
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