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Clean As You Go!

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Be the Ultimate Concierge as you test your skills through the tough job of cleaning cafeteria tables before the strict admin checks them.

Thank you for checking it out!

Since the size of our game is a little too big, please use pop-up to play this game.

This is our second game, kinda rushed, so comments and ratings are appreciated!


Needs polishing

Nice concept and idea, but needs some work.
The graphics are nice and small storyline as well.
Gameplay was decent but it was kind of glitchy: I've experienced a bug, that when I didn't move, the character moved by itself in changing directions for a short time.
Also, it would be nice to make movement easier, I disliked getting stuck on table edges.
Also, sometimes the keys were unresponsive: the character didn't pick up the food sometimes when it was directly in front it.
A thing that frustrated me was that sometimes the people eating would be directly in front of the trash, which proved some confusion in whether or not they had one. Something to fix it would to add a bright highlight over each trash.
Animations of the people coming in and leaving would also be nice. Music would be a plus, including some light sound clips.

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Not bad

The physic is kind wierd. Sometimes you cant just get the item you whant you have to go around and that makes you whant to close the game becouse you get bored by it......and the graphics is kinda average.

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wasn't all that interesting

I don't really enjoy this game style, The animation was pretty good, but its a pain in the but cleaning up after others and getting stuck behind table edges really slowed me down. I didn't exactly like the game so I gave it a 3. maybe create a shooting game next time... I know you cant look anywhere and not see them but uhhh, at least thier really fun.

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XDimensions responds:

Thank you for your review. We did create a shooting game as our first game but strangely this game got a higher rating here.. O_o

We'll be fixing the bugs in this game as soon as we are finished with our next project.

Again, thank you. :D

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Credits & Info

2.80 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2009
7:03 AM EDT
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