a pile of rancid dicks

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heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyy
about a year or more ago radiohead had some sort of contest or some shit to make a music video for their new album in rainbows which was originally free but now you have to buy it.

i threw this terrible crap together in about a night, gave up, and then submitted it anyway
i am submitting it here because fuck you.

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when u want to do something good you can so why all the crap?? and why do you hide this good animation under a crap title.

Like, wow!

With that title I felt for sure that this was just going to be a joke flash that just had a bunch of well, dicks, everywhere but I was very satsified to see the exact opposite! (Not that I mean I saw vaginas or anything). The animation and facial expressions were great as always, and I guess those little white things were supposed to be like cats which I what I interpreted them to do. I liked the simple drawing near the end showing the beginning and how that reference advanced the story. It was also pretty funny when you just flat out admitted you simply ran out of ideas.

Nice animation

I liked the animation and everything else but I don't understand why the title is "a pile of rancid dicks" and it's also adult...there is nothing adult about this...except the name I guess...

Real nice

Mate i think that this is such a good animation and i really hope ya take teh time ta finish it off, give it a good name and put it up again.

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

i won't



It's amazing how a bad name and having a bad reputation can get you a low score. This is much better than most animations that end up get 3.5+ scores. Good stuff.