Jack is a Super Hero

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If you do not like random, immature humor, please do not watch this video.

4 days of Jason Steele inspirationg and this is what I have to show for it. Well hopefully no one saw any of that coming. If they did then I am deeply ashamed of myself. deeply... deeply... ashamed... anywho just a short animation that I hope you all will enjoy.


Another egoraptor clone...

Just what we need...
So, anyway: The story was terrible. I was confused and 50% of the time, the audio was too blurry to make out.
I'd like to say the art was decent, if every other NG portal Submission didn't look identical.
The Animation used a simple movement technique popular with '70's-'80's animation. You hold for so many frames, distracting the audience with secondary animation. (Speaking of which is really lacking)
The Lip-syncing was okay, but the voices were too close together -- get a second actor -- and, as I mentioned before, blurry. Find a better place to record.

AdequateJ responds:

yay my first bad review on newgrounds!... or the internet for that matter! Oh god, I'd just like to thank all of my frineds, family... my grandmother who couldn't be here today. Jesus, if he's listening seems like he's been pretty busy lately. Anyone else who made this possible. I love you all!


the kitty was awesome.

AdequateJ responds:

It really started to grow on me half way through.


Some of the sound effects block out the character's voice, and there was only music during the credits. However it did have funny elements to it and shows potential. Try to make future submissions longer.

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AdequateJ responds:

Credits are supposed to be boring bud. I shall try my best to make them longer than 40 seconds.


awsome this could be made to a series

AdequateJ responds:

I was plannin' on it. Question is where to go now.


THe animation was limited, and the humour didnt do much. Try to work more on the next one.

AdequateJ responds:

Fair enough

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3.90 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2009
11:53 PM EDT
Comedy - Original
  • Daily 3rd Place April 21, 2009